Fresh Air (airline)

Fresh Air
IATA ICAO Callsign
FRR Fresh Air
Ceased operationsApril 30, 2007
Fleet sizeSee Fleet below

Fresh Air was a cargo airline based in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. It operated cargo charter services mainly within West Africa. Its main base was Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos.[1]

Code data


The Nigerian government set a deadline of April 30, 2007 for all airlines operating in the country to re-capitalize or be grounded, in an effort to ensure better services and safety. Seven airlines failed to meet the deadline and as a result would not be allowed fly in Nigeria’s airspace with effect from April 30, 2007. These were: ADC Airlines, Fresh Air, Sosoliso Airlines, Albarka Air, Chrome Air Service, Dasab Airlines and Space World. The affected airlines would only fly when they satisfied the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA)’s criteria in terms of re-capitalization and thus be re-registered for operation.


As of March 2007 the Fresh Air fleet included:[1]

Popular culture

Fresh Air was the name of the fictional passenger airline in the 2005 Wes Craven film Red Eye[3] starring Rachel McAdams.


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