Gaasperech  (Luxembourgish)
Map of Luxembourg City, with Gasperich highlighted
Gasperich is one of 24 quarters in Luxembourg City
Coordinates: Coordinates: 49°35′28″N 6°07′23″E / 49.591°N 6.123°E / 49.591; 6.123
CommuneLuxembourg City
 • Total4.4514 km2 (1.7187 sq mi)
(31 December 2018)[2]
 • Total6,465
 • Density1,500/km2 (3,800/sq mi)
 • Luxembourgish34.20%
 • Other65.80%

Gasperich (Luxembourgish: Gaasperech) is a quarter in southern Luxembourg City, in southern Luxembourg.

As of 31 December 2018, the quarter has a population of 6,465.[2]

In 2017, major building works began on a new development providing for dozens of large office buildings, hundreds of residences and a new shopping centre and Auchan hypermarket.[3]


Gasperich is served by several city, regional and international bus lines. Just over the municipal boundary lies Howald railway station, which was reopened in December 2017 and offers direct services to Luxembourg City, Esch-sur-Alzette, Bettembourg, Wasserbillig, Troisvierges, Thionville, Metz and Nancy, among others.

Gasperich is served by two Park and Ride car parks: P+R Kockelscheuer, with 552 spaces; and P+R Luxembourg-Sud, with 811 spaces.[4]


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