Governor of Montserrat

Governor of Montserrat
Coat of arms of Montserrat.svg
Coat of arms of Montserrat
Flag of the Governor of Montserrat.svg
Flag of the governor of Montserrat
Sarah Tucker 2021.jpg
Sarah Tucker
since 6 April 2022
ResidenceGovernment House, Montserrat
AppointerCharles III
as King of the United Kingdom
Term lengthAt His Majesty's pleasure
First holderWilloughby Harry Thompson
WebsiteGovernor's Office Brades
Standard of the governor of Montserrat

The governor of Montserrat is the representative of the British monarch in the United Kingdom's overseas territory of Montserrat. The governor is appointed by the monarch on the advice of the British government. The main role of the governor is to appoint the chief minister.

The governor has their own flag in Montserrat, the Union Flag defaced with the territory's coat of arms. The official residence of the governor is Government House, located in Woodlands.


In 2003, a petition signed by 200 people in Montserrat, called upon the British government to sack the resident governor, at that time, Tony Longrigg, stating that his policies were ruining the economy of the territory. Longrigg had prevented villa owners from returning to certain areas of the territory threatened by volcanic eruption, a decision he made based on scientific advice provided by the director of the Montserrat Volcano Observatory (MVO) and the Scientific Advisory Committee.

Governors of Montserrat, 1971–present

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