Heart & Soul (Nigerian TV series)

Heart & Soul
Directed byObi Emelonye
Written byObi Emelonye
Produced byObi Emelonye
Release date
LanguageEnglish language

Heart & Soul is a 2020 medical TV series about how ailment can be treated physically alongside spiritual. It was produced, written, and directed by Obi Emelonye.


  • Chioma Adibe as Matron
  • Ademola Amoo as Dr Sydney
  • Odun Ayo as Mary
  • Phoenix Ezendu as Udoka
  • Joy Nmezi as Miriam
  • Ifeanyi Onehuba as Lyk
  • Femi Onasoga as Jude
  • Ijeoma Richards as Dr Regina


A medical doctor who just got back from the UK to treat patients which require spiritual intervention as well.

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