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Hidir Lutfi

Hidir Lutfi
Native name
خضر لطفي
DiedJune 23, 1959

Hidir Lutfi (1880 - 23 June 1959) was an Iraqi poet. Born in Kirkuk in a Konyan Turkish family, he studied Arabic, Persian and Turkish. He has an unprinted Diwan of poetry, many literary researches, and a book in the history of Kirkuk. He died in his hometown and was buried there. [1] [2]


Hidir/Khidr Lutfi bin Samin ibn Isma'il was born in 1880 in Kirkuk, in a Konyan Turkish family descendants from Rumi. His grandfather emigrated from Konya to Kirkuk during the reign of Sultan Murad IV. Lutfi studied in his hometown and learned Arabic, Turkish and Persian and tended to literature and learning language. At the age of fifteen he joined the army and served in his hometown and Baghdad, then lived in Istanbul and returned to Kirkuk in 1924.
Lutfi died on June 23, 1959 in Kirkuk and was buried there, as a Yarsani.

Poetry and mysticism

Published his works, thoughts and researches in Iraqi and Ottoman newspapers and magazines. Mir Basri described him a mystic poet, although his His mysticism compelled him to take care of human affairs, old and young, such as knowledge, compassion, hope, health, faith, philosophy of good and evil, etc. He was tender and depressed, desperate and miserable.


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