High Sheriff of Kent

The high sheriff is the oldest secular office under the Crown (prior to 1974 the office previously known as sheriff). Formerly the high sheriff was the principal law enforcement officer in the county but over the centuries most of the responsibilities associated with the post have been transferred elsewhere or are now defunct, so that its functions are now largely ceremonial. The high sheriff changes every March.

This is a list of high sheriffs of Kent.

11th century to 14th century

Dates Name
c. 1040–c. 1044 Eadsige
c. 1051– Robert of Jumièges
?–1066 Osward
1067–1070 Alain de Buckland (1045–1108)
1070?–1077? Hugh de Port? (c1015–c1096)
1077–1100 Haimo
1145 Nicholas de Moels
1154 Rualon
1155–1160 Ralph Picot
1161–1166 Hugh of Dovor of Chilham
1167 Richard de Lucy
1168–1174 Gervase de Cornhill
1175 Gervase and Robert Fitz-Bernard
1176–1183 Robert Fitz-Bernard
1184 William son of Nigel of Munevile
1185–1188 Allen of Valoynes of Fremomh
1189–1193 Reginald de Cornhill
1194 William of St Mardal
1195 Walter son of Derman
1196–1209 Reginald de Cornhill
1210–1215 John son of Unam of Selling and Reginald de Cornhill
1216–1222 Hubert de Burgh and Hugh of Windlesores of Warehorne
1223–1225 Hubert de Burgh and Roger Grimston
1226–1231 Hubert of Boroz and William Brito
1232–1238 Bertram of Cryall
1239–1240 Humphrey of Bohun Earl of Essex
1241 Peter of Subaudie and Bertram of Cryall
1242 Bertram of Cryall and John of Cobham
1243–1247 Bertram de Criol
1248–1255 Reginald of Cobham
1256 Walter of Bersted and Reginald of Cobham
1257–1258 Fulk Payferer of Iseling
1259–1261 John of Cobham
1262 Robert Walerand and Thomas Delaway.
1263–1264 Roger de Leybourne
1265–1267 Roger de Leybourne and Henry of Bourne
1268–1270 Stephen of Penchester of Allington Castle near Maidstone and Henry of Leese.
1271–1272 Henry Malmains of Pluckley, (died in office)
1272–1273 William of Hever of Hever Castle
1273 William Haute of Petham (remainder of year only)
1274–1277 William of Valoynes of Swerdlin and Repton
1277 Henry Perot of Knowlton (remainder of year only)
1278–1281 Robert of Scothon
1282–1284 Peter of Huntingfield of Iseling.
1285 Hamo of Gatton of Throwley
1286–1288 William of Chellesfield of Chelsfield
1289–1290 William of Bramshot
1291 John of Northwood in Milton near Sittingbourne
1292 John of Northwood and John of Bourne
1293–1295 John of Bourne
1296–1297 William Trussell
1298 Henry of Apuldorefield
1299 John of Northwood in Milton near Sittingbourne
1300–1301 Henry of Cobham of Rundal in Shorn
1302–1303 Warreis of Valloynes
1304–1305 John of Northwood in Milton near Sittingbourne
1306 William of Cossenton in Aylesford
1307 Henry of Cobham
1308–1312 John of Blunde
1313–1314 William of Basing & John the younger of Haudlo
1315 Henry of Cobham
1316 John Malemaines of Hoo
1317 John Malemaines of Hoo and John Fremingham
1318 John Fremingham and Henry Sarden
1319 Henry Sarden and William Septvans
1321–1322 William Septvans of Milton and Ralph Savage
1323 John Shelvige of Shelvige Barne
1324–1325 John of Fremingham
1326 Ralph of St. Laurence of Swaycliffe
1327 William of Orlanston
1328 William of Orlanston replaced by John of Shelvige
1329–1330 Roger de Raynham replaced by John of Bourne
1331–1332 Thomas of Brockhall and Laurence of St. Laurence
1333–1335 Stephen of Cobham
1336 Thomas of Brockhall of Saltwood
1337–1338 William Morant of Morant's Court in Chevenning
1339 Henry of Valoynes of Repton in Ashford
1340 John de Mereworth of Mereworth
1341 John de Mereworth of Mereworth and John Widleston
1342–1345 John Widleston
1346 William of Langley of Knowlton
1347 John of Fremingham
1348 William Langley and Arnold Savage of Bobbing
1349 William Langley of Knowlton
1350 William Langley of Knowlton
1351 James Le Pine of East Sutton
1352 William Apuldorefield of Linsted
1353 James le Pine of East Sutton
1354 Reginald de Dyke, of the Dykes family of Sussex.
1355 Gilbert of Hels of Egerton
1356 William of Apuldorefield of Linsted
1357 Ralph Fremingham of Fremingham
1358 William Makenade of Preston
1359–1361 William of Apuldorefield of Linsted
1362 William Pimpe of Nettlested
1363 William of Apuldorefield of Linsted
1364–1366 Jeffrey Culpeper of Preston Hall, Aylesford.
1367 Richard at Leese of Shelwich
1368 John of Brockall of Saltwood
1369 John Culpeper of Bayhill, Pembury.
1370 William of Apuldorefeild of Linsted
1371 William Pimpe of Nettlested
1372 John Barry of Sevington
1373 Jeffrey Culpeper of Preston Hall, Aylesford.
1374 Robert Nottingham of Milsted
1375 William Pimpe of Nettlested
1376 Nicholas at Crouch of Great Chart
1377 Henry of Apuldorefeild of Linsted
1378 Sir Thomas Cobham of Randall in Shorne and Allington Castle
1379 John of Freningham of Farningham, Loose and West Barming
1380 James of Peckham of Wrotham
1381 William Septuans of Milton Septuans
1382 Arnold Savage of Bobbing
1383–1384 Thomas Brockhill of Saltwood
1385 Robert Corbie of Boughton
1386 Arnold Savage of Bobbing
1387 Ralph St Leger of Ulcomb
1388 William of Guildford
1389 James Peckham of Wrotham
1390 William Burcester of Hunton
1391 Richard Berham of Berham
1392 Thomas Chich of the Dungeon near Canterbury alias Thomas Chicche, of Balnerley or Balverley
1393 William Barry of Sevington
1394 John of Freningham of Farningham, Loose and West Barming
1395 Sir Thomas Culpeper of Bayhill, Pembury.
1396 Sir Nicholas Haute of Wadden Hall in Waltham
1397 Thomas St. Leger of Ulcomb
1398 Nicholas Potyn of Sheppey
1399 John Boteller of Graveney

15th century to 16th century

Dates Name
1400 Robert Clifford of Canterbury
1401 Thomas Ludlow
1402 John Digges
1403 Thomas Chicche of Beverley, Canterbury, possibly the son of Thomas Chicche, former Sheriff, qv
1404–1405 Richard Clitheroe of Ash-next-Sandwich
1406 Valentine Barret of Pery Court
1407 Henry Horne of Kenardington
1408 Edward or Edmund Haute
1409 William Snayth of Addington (died 1409)
1410 Reynold Pympe of Nettlestead
1411 John Darell of Calehill
1412 William Notebenn of Ash near Sandwich
1413 William Clifford of Bobbing
1414 Robert Clifford of Canterbury
1415 William Langley of Knowlton
1416 William Darell of Calehill
1417 John Darell of Calehill
1418 Richard Clitherow of Ash
1419 John Burge of Eatonbridge
1420–1421 William Haute of Bourne Place, Hautsbourne, Bishopsbourne.
1422 John Darell of Calehill
1423 William Cheyne of Shurland in Sheppey
1424 John Rickhill of Frindsbury
1425 William Clifford of Bobbing
1426 Sir William Culpeper of Scotshall in Oxen Hoath.
1427 Thomas Ellis of Kennington
1428 William Scott of Brabourne
1429 John Peche of Littington
1430 John St Leger of Ulcombe
1431 Edward Guildford of Halden in Rolvenden
1432 William Buriston of Hunton
1433 Richard Woodvile of Mote Castle in Maidstone
1434 William Clifford of Bobbin
1435 William Manston of Manston in Thanet
1436 James Fiennes, 1st Baron Saye and Sele, of Kemsing and Seal
1437 Richard Waller of Groombridge in Speldherst
1438 Edward Guildford of Halden in Rolvenden
1439 Sir Gervase Clifton of Bradbourne
1440 John Yeard of Denton near Eleham
1441 John Warner of Sheppey
1442 William Maries of Preston
1443 Sir Thomas Browne of Beechworth
1444 William Cromer of Tunstall (killed by Jack Cade)
1445 John Thorneberry of Feversham
1446 William Isley of Sundridge
1447 William Kene of Ospring
1448 Stephen St. Leger of Ulcomb
1449 Henry Cromer of Tunstall.
1450 Sir Gervase Clifton of Bradbourne
1451 Robert Horne of Kinardington
1452 Thomas Ballard of Horton
1453 John Fogge of Repton in Ashford
1454 John Cheney of Shurland in Sheppey, Kt,
1455 Philip Belknap of the Mote
1456 Alexander Iden (capturer of Jack Cade)
1457 John Guildford of Halden in Rolvenden
1458 Sir Gervase Clifton of Canterbury, Kt.
1459 Sir Thomas Browne of Beechworth
1460 Sir John Scott of Scot's Hall
1460 John Isaac of Patricksborne
1461–1462 Sir William Peach of Lullingstone, Kt.
1463 John Digges of Barham
1464 Alexander Clifford of Bobbing
1465 Sir William Haute of Bourne Place, Bishopsbourne. (first term)
1466 Sir John Culpeper, Kt.
1467 Ralph I St. Leger (d.1470) of Ulcombe
1468 Henry Ferrers of Peckham
1469 John Bramstone of Preston
1470 Sir Richard Culpeper of Oxonhoath, West Peckham.
1471 James Peckham of Yaldham in Wrotham
1472 Sir John Fogge of Repton in Ashford., Kt
1473 John Isley of Sundridge
1474 Sir William Haute of Bourne Place, Bishopsbourne. (second term)
1475 John Green of Chesilhurst
1476 William Cheney of Shurland
1477 Richard Haute of Ightham Mote
1478 Richard Lee of Delce
1479 Sir John Fogge of Repton in Ashford, Kt.
1480 George Brown of Wickham
1481–1482 Richard Haute of Ightham Mote
1483 Sir William Haute of Bourne Place, Bishopsbourne
1484 John Barrune of the Grange in Gillingham
1485 Sir R. Brakenberry of the Mote (killed Bosworth, 1485)
1485 William Cheney of Shurland in Sheppey
1486 John Pimpe of Nettlested
1487 Henry Ferrers of Great Peckham
1488 Walter Roberts of Glastenbury in Cranbrook
1489 Sir William Boleyn of Hever Castle
1490 Sir William Scott of Brabourne
1491 John Darell
1492 Thomas Kempe of Olantigh in Wye
1493 Sir Richard Guildford of Halden in Rolvenden, Kt.
1494 John Pech of Lullingstone
1495 John Digges of Barham
1496 Sir James Walsingham of Scadbury Manor, near Chislehurst
1497 Lewes Clifford of Bobbing
1498 Robert Wotton of Boughton Place, Boughton Malherbe.
1499 Sir Alexander Colepepper of Bedgbury.
1500 Thomas Iden of Westwell.
1501 Sir William Scott of Brabourne
1502 Ralph St Leger of Ulcombe.
1503 William Cromer of Tunstall
1504 John Langley of Knolton.
1505 Sir Thomas Kempe KB of Ollantigh.
1506 Sir Alexander Colepepper of Bedgbury
1507 Henry Vane of Tunbridge.
1508 Reginald Peckham of Yaldham
1509 Sir William Cromer of Tunstall
1510 James Digges of Digges Court, Barham.
1511 Sir Thomas Boleyn of Hever Castle (later Earl of Wiltshire in 1529).
1512 Thomas Kempe of Olantigh in Wye
1513 Sir John Norton of Northwood in Milton, Kt.
1514 Alexander Colepeper of Bedbury in Goudherst
1515 Thomas Cheney of Shurland, Isle of Sheppey
1516 Sir William Scott of Brabourne
1517 Sir Thomas Boleyn of Hever Castle (later Earl of Wiltshire in 1529).
1518 John Crispe of Quex in Birchington
1519 Sir John Wilshire of Stone castle in Stone near Dartford
1520 John Roper of St. Dunstans
1521 Throwley replaced by Robert Sonds of Towne
1522 Sir John Fogg of Repton in Ashford
1523 Sir George Guildford of Hemsted in Benenden
1524 Sir William Haute of Bourne Place, Bishopsbourne
1525 Henry Vane
1526 William Whetenhall of Peckham
1527 Sir John Scott of Scot's Hall, Smeeth
1528 William Kempe of Olantigh in Wye
1529 Sir Edward Wotton of Boughton Place, Boughton Malherbe
1530 William Waller of Groombridge in Speldherst
1531 Sir Richard Clement of Ightham Mote
1532 Sir William Finch of the Mote near Canterbury, Kt.
1533 Thomas Roberts of Glastenbury in Cranbrook
1534 Sir Thomas Poynings of Ostenhanger, in Stanford
1535 Sir Edward Wotton of Boughton Place, Boughton Malherbe
1536 Sir Thomas Wyatt of Alington Castle, Kt
1537 Sir William Haute of Bourne Place, Bishopsbourne
1538 Sir William Sidney of Pensherst. Kt
1539 Sir Anthony St. Leger of Ulcombe.
1540 Anthony Sonds of Throwley
1541 Sir Reginald Scott of Scot's Hall
1542 Sir Henry Isley of Sundridge, Kt.
1543 Sir Humphrey Stile of Langley Parke in Beckenham, Kt.
1544 Sir John Fogg of Repton in Ashford, Kt.
1545 Sir Percivall Hart of Lullingstone, Kt.
1546 Henry Crispe of Quex in Birchington
1547 William Sedley, of Scadbury in Southfleet
1548 Sir George Harper of Sutton Valence
1549 Thomas Culpeper of Bedgbury
1550 Sir Thomas Wyatt of Allington Castle
1551 Sir Henry Isley of Sundridge.
1552 Sir John Guildford of Hemsted
1553 Sir Robert Southwell of Mereworth
1554 William Roper of Welhall
1555 Sir Thomas Kempe of Olantigh in Wye
1556 Sir Thomas Moyle
1557 George Vane of Badsell in Capel
1558 Thomas Wotton of Boughton Place, Boughton Malherbe
1559 Nicholas Crispe of Whitstable
1560 Warham St Leger of Ulcombe
1561 John Tufton
1562 Richard Baker of Sissinghurst Castle.
1563 Sir Thomas Walsingham of Scadbury Manor, near Chislehurst
1564 Sir Thomas Kempe, Kt. of Olantigh in Wye
1565 John Mainey (died May, 1566)
1566 William Isley of Sundridge
1566 John Sedley of Southfleet
1567 Willam Cromer of Tunstall, near Sittingbourne
1568 John Browne of Horton
1569 Edward Isaac
1570 John Leonard of Chevening
1571 Walter Mainey the elder, of Stapleherst
1572 Thomas Fane
1573 Thomas Willoughby of Boreplace in Chidingstone
1574 Sir James Hales, Kt., of the Dungeon near Canterbury
1575 John Tufton of Hothfield
1576 Sir Thomas Scott of Scot's Hall
1577 Edward Boys of Fredvile in Nonington
1578 Thomas Wotton of Boughton Place, Boughton Malherbe
1579 Thomas Coppinger
1580 Thomas Fane of Burston and Thomas Sonds of Throwley
1581 Sir George Heart of Lullingstone
1582 Sir Richard Baker of Sissinghurst Castle
1583 Justinian Champneyes of Bexley
1584 Michael Sondes of Throwley
1585 Willam Cromer of Tunstall
1586 James Hales of the Dungeon near Canterbury
1587 John Fineux of Herne
1588 Richard Hardres of Great Hardres
1589 William Sedley of Southfleet
1590 Thomas Willoughby of Boreplace in Chidingstone
1591 Sampson Lennard of Chepening
1592 Robert Binge of Wrotham
1593 Michael Sondes of Throwley
1594 Sir Edward Wotton of Boughton Place, Boughton Malherbe, (Baron Wotton from 1603)
1595 Thomas Palmer of Hougham
1596 Sir Moyle Finch of Eastwell (later Baronet Finch)
1597 Thomas Kemp of Olantigh in Wye
1598 Martin Barnham, of Holingborne
1599 Roger Twysden of Roydon Hall, East Peckham

17th century to 18th century

Dates Name
1600 John Smith of Westenhanger Castle, near Hythe
1601 Thomas Scott of Scot's Hall in Smeeth
1602 Peter Manwood of St. Stevens
1603 James Cromer of Tunstall.
1604 Sir Thomas Baker of Sissinghurst Castle.
1605 Sir Moyle Finch of Eastwell, Kt. (later Baronet Finch)
1606 Sir Norton Knatchbull of Mersham Hatch, Kt.
1607 Robert Edolph of Hinxhill
1608 Sir Edward Hales of Woodchurch
1608 Nicholas Miller of Oxonhoath, West Peckham.
1609 Sir William Withens of Eltham, Kt
1610 Sir Nicholas Gilborne of Charing, Kt.
1611 Sir Maxmilian Dallison of Halling, Kt
1612 Sir William Stede of Harietsham, Kt.
1613 Sir Anthony Aucher of Bishopsbourne, Kt.
1614 Sir Edward Filmer of East Sutton Place.
1615 Sir Edwin Sandys of Norburne, Kt.
1616 William Beswick, of Horsmanden
1617 Gabriel Livesey of Hollingborne
1618 Thomas Norton of Bobbing
1619 Edward Scott of Scot's Hall in Smeeth
1620 Sir John Sedley Bt of The Friars, Aylesford
1621 Thomas Roberts of Glastenbury in Cranbrook
1622 Sir George Fane of Burston in Hunton, Kt.
1623 Sir John Hayward of Hollingbourne, Kt
1624 Sir Thomas Hamond of Brasted, Kt
1625 Sir Isaak Sedley Bt of Great Chart.
1626 Sir Basil Dixwell Bt of Broome House near Canterbury.
1627 Sir Edward Engeham of Canterbury, Kt
1628 Sir William Campion of Combwell in Goudherst, Kt
1629 Richard Brown
1630 Sir Robert Lewknor Kt of Acris.
1631 Nicholas Miller of Wrotham
1632 Sir Thomas Style Bt of Wateringbury
1633 Sir John Baker Bt of Sissinghurst Castle
1634 Edward Chute, of Hinxhill
1635 Sir William Culpeper Bt of Preston Hall, Aylesford.
1636 Sir George Sondes of Throwley, KB
1637 Sir Thomas Hendley of Coureshorn in Cranbrook, Kt
1638 Sir Edward Master of Canterbury. Kt
1639 David Polhill of Otford
1640 James Hugeson of Kinsted
1641–1643 Sir William Brockman initially appointed but replaced by Sir John Honiwood of Elmsted, Kt.
1644 Sir John Rayney Bt of Wrotham Place, Wrotham
1645 Sir Edward Monins Bt of Waldershare, West Peckham
1646 John Henden of Biddenden
1647 Sir Stephen Scott
1648 George Selby of Ightham Mote
1649 Henry Crispe of Quex, Birchington, deputised to son Sir Nicholas Crispe
1650 George Curteis, of Chart next Sutton Valence
1651 Thomas Fludd of Otham
1652 Bernard Hide
1653 John Earle of Thanet, of Hothfield
1654 Sir Humphrey Tufton, Bt. of the Mote in Maidstone
1655–1657 Sir Michael Livesey, Bt. of East-Church in the Isle of Sheppey
1658 Charles Bowles of Chetham
1659 Plumer
1660 and 1661 Sir Robert Austen, 1st Baronet of Hall Place, Bexley
1662 David Polhill of Chipsted
1663 Nicholas Toke of Goddington, in Great Char
1664 Thomas Biggs
1665 Sir John Beale Bt of Farningham Court, near Maidstone.
1666 Sir Humphrey Miller, 1st Baronet, of Oxenhoath
1667 Sir William Leech of Squerryes
1668 Sir John Williams, Baronet, of Elham Court, Elham
1669 Robert Jaques
1670 Sir John Dorrel
1671 Sir William Hugessen, of Provender, in Norton
1672 John Twisleton, of Horsman's Place, in Dartford
1673 Edward Roper replaced by April 1673 by Sir Bernard Hyde, of Sundridge
1674 William Gomeldon, of Somerfield Court, in Sellindge
1675 Francis Vanacker
1676 Sir John Cutler, 1st Baronet, of Deptford
1677 John Grove, of Tunstall replaced 22 November 1676 by Thomas Cadwell
1678 Sir Richard Betenson, 1st Baronet of Scadbury Manor, near Chislehurst replaced 17 November 1677 by William Allen, of Marden
1679 Sir Richard Betenson, 1st Baronet, of Scadbury Manor, near Chislehurst
1680 Ralph Petley, of Hartley Wood Corner replaced late 1680 by George Etkins of Gravesend
1681 Sir Henry Palmer, of Wingham
1682–1684 Archibald Clinkard of Sutton Valence
1685–1688 William Rooke of Canterbury (later Sir William Rooke)
1689 Sir Robert Filmer Bt of East Sutton Place
1690 Thomas Adrian of Bifrons, in Patriksbourn
1691 Sir Henry Palmer, Bt of Wingham
1692 Sir John Marsham of the Mote, Maidstone (died 1692)
1693 Sir Nicholas Toke of Goddington, in Great Chart
1694 Edmund Davenport of Greensted-Green, in Darent
1695 William Cage of Milgate, Bearsted
1696 Solomon Hougham of Sandwich
1697 Richard Goodhugh of Tonbridge
1698 George Children of Tunbridge
1699 John Amherst, esq. of East Farleigh
1700 William Woodgate
1701 Isaac Loader of Deptford
1702 Bowyer Hendley of Gore-court, in Otham
1703 Thomas Golding of Leyborne
1704 Sir Thomas Culpeper Bt of Preston Hall, Aylesford.
1705 Sir Edward Betenson, Bt of Scadbury Manor, near Chislehurst.
1706 Snelling Thomas of Deptford
1707 Percival Hart of Lullingstone
1708 Stephen Stringer
1709 Sir Comport Fytche Bt of Mount Markfall, Eltham.
1710 Sir Thomas Style, 4th Baronet of Wateringbury
1711 Humphrey Style of Langley, in Beckenham
1712 John Hooker of Little Peckham
1713 Leonard Bartholomew of Oxonhoath, West Peckham
1714 John Lynch of Grove, in Staple
1715 David Polhill of Chipstead
1716 Richard Gee of Orpington
1717 Richard Sheldon of Aldington, in Thurnham
1718 John Stevens
1719 John Hamilton, Jnr
1720 Sir Charles Farnaby of Kippington, in Sevenoke
1721 Jonathan Smith of Ingres, in Swanscombe
1722 Peter Burrell of Beckenham
1723 William Glanville of St. Cleres, in Ightham
1724 Sir Robert Austen, 4th Baronet of Hall Place, Bexley.
1725 James Master of Yotes, in Mereworth
1726 John Savage (died and replaced May 1726 by Richard Lewen)
1727 Samuel Pugh, of Beckenham
1728 Robert Weller of Tunbridge
1729 Thomas May of Godmersham Park, near Canterbury
1730 Mawdistly Best of Park House, Boxley
1731 James Brookes
1732 William James,of Igtham
1733 Sir Brook Bridges Bt of Goodneston Park near Sandwich, who died in office and was followed by Sir Wyndham Knatchbull Bt of Mersham Hatch.
1734 Henry Hicks of Deptford
1735 Baldwin Duppa, junior of Hollingbourn
1736 Abraham Spencer of Penhurst
1737 Thomas Malyn of Chislehurst
1738 Jones Raymond of Langley in Beckenham, replaced by Christopher Milles of Nackington
1739 Robert Lacey of Elmes, in Hougham.
1740 John Smith of Lee
1741 John Lidgbird of Plumstead
1742 John Mason of East Greenwich
1743 Thomas Whitaker of Trottiscliffe
1744 John Hodsdon of Lewisham
1745 John Cooke of Cranbrook
1746 Arthur Harris of Barming
1747 William Quilter of Orpington
1748 Samuel Collett of Greenwich
1749 Richard Hornsby of Horton Kirby
1750 Richard Merry of Eltham
1751 James Best of Park House, Boxley
1752 Sir John Honywood, Bt
1753 Sir John Shaw Bt of Eltham Lodge, Eltham.
1754 Sir Thomas Rider, Kt., of Boughton Moun Chelsea
1755 George Sayer of Charing
1756 John Cockaine Sole, of Bobbing,
1757 William Glanville Evelyn, of St. Clere
1758 Thomas Whittaker of Trottiscliff,
1759 Pyke Burfar of Greenwich
1760 Sir Thomas Wilson of West Wickham
1761 William Jumper of Leeds Abbey, Leeds, Kent.
1762 Sir George Kelly of Speldhurst, who was knighted during his shrievalty.
1763 William Gordon of Rochester.
1764 Henry Goodwin of Deptford.
1765 Sir Richard Betenson, Bt. of Bradbourn, in Sevenoke.
1766 William Wilson
1767 James Whatman, of Boxley
1768 Richard Hulse, of Baldwin's, near Dartford, second son of sir Edward Hulse.
1769 William Wheatley, of Erith.
1770 John Toke, of Goddington, in Great Chart.
1771 William Daniel Master, of Yotes Court, in Mereworth.
1772 James Flint, of Judde-house, in Ospringe.
1773 Josiah Fuller Farrer, of Cleve-court, in Thanet.
1774 Willshire Emmett,. of Wiarton, in Boughton Monchelsea.
1775 Granville Wheeler, of Otterden-place.
1776 William Perrin, esq. of Smith's-hall, in West Farleigh.
1777 Benjamin Harenc, of Footscray-place.
1778 John Ward, of Westerham.
1779 William Slade, of Lewisham.
1780 Robert Burrow, of Holwood-hill.
1781 John Cator, of Beckenham-place.
1782 Samuel Boys, of Hawkhurst.
1783 Henry Hawley, of the Grange, in Leyborne. since created a baronet.
1784 Charles Booth, of Harrietsham-place, who was knighted during his shrievalty.
1785 Edward Knatchbull esq. of Provenders, in Norton, eldest son of Sir Edward Knatchbull, baronet.
1786 Thomas Hallet Hodges, of Hemsted Park, in Benenden.
1787 John Cottin, of Hill-park, in Westerham.
1788 James Bond, of Hayes.
1789 John Cartier, of Bedgbury, in Goudhurst
1790 Leonard Bartholemew, of Addington-place.
1791 William James Drake Brockman, of Beachborough, in Newington, near Hythe.
1792 Henry Streatfield, of Highstreet-house, in Chiddingstone.
1793 George Norman, of The Rookery, Bromley Common.
1794 Richard Carew, of Orpington.
1795 Gabriel Harpur, of Gore-court, in Tunstall; Samuel Chambers, esq. of that parish was appointed his deputy, and executed this office for him.
1796 John Mumford, of Sutton at Hone.
1798 John Plumtree
1799 Samuel Chambers

19th century

  • 5 February 1800: John Larking, of East Malling
  • 12 February 1801: Edward Austen, of Godmersham
  • 3 February 1802: Thomas Godfrey, of Ash
  • 3 February 1803: Christopher Cooke, of Ash Grove
  • 1 February 1804: Sir Walter Stirling, 1st Baronet, of Shoreham
  • 6 February 1805: John Minet Fector, of Updown
  • 1 February 1806: John Harrison, of Dennehill
  • 4 February 1807: John Simpson of Fairlawn, Sevenoaks
  • 3 February 1808: Charles Milner, of Preston Park
  • 6 February 1809: Sir Brook William Bridges, 4th Baronet, of Goodneston
  • 31 January 1810: James Burton, of Mabledon
  • 8 February 1811: Sir John Courtenay Honywood, 5th Baronet, of Evington
  • 24 January 1812: John Wells, of Bickley Park
  • 10 February 1813: John Cator, of Beckenham
  • 4 February 1814: James Wildman, of Chilham Castle
  • 13 February 1815: Robert Foote, of Charlton
  • 1816: Alexander Evelyn of St Clere
  • 1817: William Alexander Morland of Lamberhurst
  • 1818: William Henry Baldock of Petham
  • 1819: Hon. John Wingfield Stratford of Addington Place
  • 1820: Sir Thomas Dyke, 4th Baronet of Lullingstone
  • 1821: Sir John Shelley-Sydney, of Penshurst Castie, Bt.
  • 1822: John Powell Powell of Quex
  • 1823: Thomas Austen of Sevenoaks.
  • 1824: Fiennes Wykeham-Martin
  • 1825: William George Daniel, of Foley House
  • 1826: Sir John Fagge, 7th Baronet
  • 1827: Isaac Minet, of Baldwyns
  • 1828: Sir Thomas Maryon Wilson, 8th Baronet
  • 1829: Thomas Rider of Boughton Monchelsea Place, near Maidstone
  • 1830: Edward Rice, of Dane Court
  • 1831: Baden Powell, of Speldhurst
  • 1832: George Douglas, of Chilston Park
  • 1833: Demetrius Grevis James, of Ightham
  • 1834: George Stone, of Chislehurst
  • 1835: John Ward, of Holwood
  • 1836: Sir Edward Cholmeley Dering, 8th Baronet, of Surrenden
  • 1837: Francis Bradley, of Gore Court
  • 1838: Thomas Turner Alkin, of Hunton Court
  • 1839: David Salomons, of Broom Hill, Tunbridge Wells
  • 1840: Arthur Pott, of Bentham Hill
  • 1841: De La Mark Banks, of Sheppy Court
  • 1842: Henry Hoare, of Staplehurst
  • 1843: Frederick Perkins, of Chipsted Place
  • 1844: Sir Joseph Hawley, 3rd Baronet, of Leybourne Grange
  • 1845: Sir Moses Montefiore, of East Cliff, Saint Lawrence
  • 1846: William Osmun Hammond, of Saint Alban's
  • 1847: John Pelly Atkins, of Halsted
  • 1848: John Ashley Warre, of Westcliffe, Saint Lawrence
  • 1849: William Masters Smith, of Camer, Meopham
  • 1850: Matthew Bell, of Bourne House, Bishopsbourne
  • 1851: Ford Wilson, of Blackhurst, Tonbridge Wells
  • 1852: Sir John William Lubbock of High Elms Down, Bt.
  • 1853: Francis Colville Hyde of Syndale House, Ospringe
  • 1854: Alexander Glendining, of Ashgrove, Sevenoaks
  • 1855: Sir Walter Charles James, 2nd Baronet, of Betteshanger, near Sandwich
  • 1856: Richard Paterson, of Leesons, Chislehurst
  • 1857: John Savage, of St Leonards
  • 1858: Edward Ladd Betts, of Preston Hall, Aylesford
  • 1859: Sir Richard Tufton, 1st Baronet, of Hothfield Place, near Maidstone
  • 1860: Sir Courtenay Honywood, 7th Baronet, of Evington, Elmstead, near Canterbury
  • 1861: Alexander Randall, of Foley House, Maidstone
  • 1862: Henry Bannerman, of Hunton Court, near Maidstone
  • 1863: Samuel Long, of Bromley Hill
  • 1864: George Field, of Ashurst Park, near Tonbridge Wells
  • 1865: Robert Rodger, of Hadlow Castle, near Tonbridge
  • 1866: Thomas Farmer Baily, of Hall Place, Leigh
  • 1867: William Moore, of Wierton
  • 1868: Stephen Musgrave Hilton, of Bramling House, Ickham
  • 1869: Joseph Ridgway, of Fairlawn, Shipbourne
  • 1870: Sir Edmund Filmer, 9th Baronet of East Sutton Park
  • 1871: Francis Philips, of Lee Priory, Ickham
  • 1872: Sir John Frederick Croft, of Doddington Place, Bt.
  • 1873: John Wingfield Stratford, of Addingfcon Park, Maidstone
  • 1874: Charles Stewart Hardy, of Chilham Castle, Chilham, Canterbury
  • 1875: George Duppa, of Hollingbourne House, Maidstone
  • 1876: Edward Loyd, of Lillesden, Hawkhurst
  • 1877: Charles John Plumptre, of Fredville, Wingham
  • 1878: Edward Henry Scott, of Sundridge Park, Bromley
  • 1879: Lieutenant – Colonel Thomas Walton Roberts, of Glassenbury House, Cranbrook.
  • 1880: Sir David Lionel Goldsmid-Stern-Salomons, 2nd Baronet of Brooms Hill, Southborough, Tunbridge Wells
  • 1881: Mawdistly Gaussen Best, of Park House, Boxley
  • 1882: Lieutenant – Colonel Henry Dorrien Streatfeild, of Chiddingstone, Edenbridge.
  • 1883:William Hale Willats, of Denton Court, Canterbury,
  • 1884: George Samuel Fereday-Smith, of Grovehurst, Tunbridge Wells,
  • 1885: William Alexander Mackinnon,of Acrise Place, Folkestone,
  • 1886: Chapman de Laune Faunce de Laune, of Sharsted Court, Sittingbourne,
  • 1887: Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Arthur Madan Warde, of Squerryes Court, Westerham.
  • 1888: William James Thompson, of Kippington, Sevenoaks,
  • 1889: Joseph Sebag Montefiore, of East Cliff Lodge, Ramsgate,
  • 1890: Henry Arthur Brassey, of Preston Hall, Aylesford,
  • 1891: Charles Wheler Wheler, of Otterden Place, Faversham
  • 1892: Multon Lambarde, of Beechmont, Sevenoaks
  • 1893: Richard Benyon Berens, cf Kevington, St. Mary Cray, Dartford
  • 1894: Richard James Balston of Springfield House, Maidstone
  • 1895: Thomas Bevan, of Stone Park, Stone, near Dartford
  • 1896: The Honourable Ralph Pelham Nevill, of The Manor, Birling) near Maidstone.
  • 1897: Richard Coombe Miller, of Oakfield, Dartford
  • 1898: Norman Watney, of Valence, Westerham
  • 1899: James Taddy Friend, of Northdown, Margate

20th century

  • 1900: William Marshall Cazalet, of Fairlawn, Shipbourne, Tonbridge
  • 1901: Henry Booth Hohler, of Fawkham Manor, Longfield
  • 1902: Edward Locke Tomlin, of Angley Park, Cranbrook
  • 1903: Sir Charles Jessel, Bt
  • 1904: John Francis William Deacon of Mabledon, Tunbridge,
  • 1905: Colonel William Fearon Tipping, of Brasted Place, Brasted.
  • 1906: Thomas Colyer Colyer-Fergusson, of Ightham Mote, Sevenoaks,
  • 1907: Edward Windsor Hussey, of Scotney Castle, Lamberhurst,
  • 1908: Archibald Cameron Norman, of The Rookery, Bromley Common, Bromley
  • 1909: Colonel Charles Stanley Williams, of Ivy House, Bough Beech, Chiddingstone.
  • 1910: Robert Norton, of Downs House, Yalding
  • 1911: George Ashley Dodd, of Godinton, Ashford
  • 1912: Osmond Elim d'Avigdor Goldsmid, of Somarhill, Tonbridge
  • 1913: Sir Mark Edlmann Collet of St. Clere, Kemsing, Sevenoaks, Bt.
  • 1914: Francis Elmer Speed of Knowlton Court, Dover
  • 1915: Algernon Massy Fleet of Darenth Grange, near Dartford
  • 1916: Cuthbert Arthur Morris Morris-Field, of Ashurst Park, Tunbridge Welle
  • 1917: Frederick William Hollams of Dene Park, Tonbridge
  • 1918: Lieut.-Colonel John Middleton Rogers, of Riverhill, Sevenoaks
  • 1919: Henry Augustus Milles-Lade, of Nash Court, Boughton, Faversham.
  • 1920: Captain William Lee Henry Roberts, of Holborough Court, Snodland,
  • 1921: Capt. Vivian Trestrail Dampietr Palmer, of Heronden Hall, Tenterden
  • 1922: John Wheeler Wheeler-Bennett, of Ravensbourne, Keston
  • 1923: John Wheeler Wheeler-Bennett, of Ravensbourne, Keston
  • 1924: Robert Henry Style, of Boxley House, Boxley
  • 1925: Sir John Dewrance, of Cranmor Place, Walden Koad, Chislehurst
  • 1926: Charles Eugene Gunther, of Tongswood, Hawkhurst, Kent
  • 1927: Frank Cyril Tiarks
  • 1928: William Plender, 1st Baron Plender
  • 1929: Copley De Lisle Hewitt, of The Friars, Aylesford
  • 1930: Sir Edmund Davis,Kt of Chilham Castle, near Canterbury
  • 1931: Major Sir John Theodore Prestige, of Bourne Park, Bishopsbourne, near Canterbury
  • 1932:
  • 1933: Alfred Charles Leney
  • 1934: Arthur Charles Davis
  • 1935: W K Whigham
  • 1936: Lieut Col Arthur Laurance Cecil Neame OBE
  • 1937: Lord Plender
  • 1938: Major Max Teichman-Derville
  • 1940: Sir Louis Newton, 1st Baronet
  • 1941: Sir Edward William Meyerstein (1864–1942). References: The Seaxe, No 38, 2001t: Edward William Meyerstein.
  • 1947: Charles Norman
  • 1948: Thomas Neame, of Preston Lea, Faversham.
  • 1949: Francis Walter Chamberlain, of The Glebe House, West Wickham
  • 1950: Major-General Charles Wake Norman, of Street House, Hayes.
  • 1951: Leslie Doubleday, of Hempstead House, Tonge, near Sittingbourne.
  • 1952: Willie Emerson Dedrick, of Brome House, West Mailing
  • 1953: Major Sir Henry d'Avigdor-Goldsmid, 2nd Baronet, of Somerhill House, Tonbridge
  • 1954: Major John Roberts O'Brien Warde, of Squerryes Court, Westerham.
  • 1955: Jasper Beale Neame, of Cratloe, Faversham
  • 1956: Sir (Hugh) Garrard Tyrwhitt-Drake, of Cobtree Manor, Maidstone
  • 1957: Brigadier Hugh Ronald Norman, of St. Clere, Kemsing
  • 1958: Sir George Jessel, Baronet, of Ladham House, Goudhurst
  • 1959: Admiral Sir Henry Ruthven Moore, of The Beck, Wateringbury
  • 1960: Peter Victor Ferdinand Cazalet, of Fairlawne, Tonbridge.
  • 1961: Commander Sir John James Kenward Best-Shaw, of Boxley Abbey, Maidstone
  • 1962: Walter Henry Whigham, of Cobham Court, Bekesbourne, near Canterbury.
  • 1963: Christopher Edward Clive Hussey, of Scotney Castle, Lamberhurst
  • 1964: Cuthbert Ackroyd
  • 1965: Walter Charles Withecomb Brice of Highover, Hoo, near Rochester.
  • 1966: Lieut.-Colonel William Owen Hamborough Joynson, of Tebbs Corner, Ightham, near Sevenoaks.
  • 1967: Cecil Stuart Chiesman of Longways, Denbridge Road, Bickley.
  • 1968: Gerald Wellington Williams
  • 1969: William Hope Loudon of Olantigh, Wye, near Ashford.
  • 1970: Major William Michael Robson
  • 1971: Sir Derek Greenaway
  • 1972: Anthony James Hannam Taylor
  • 1973: Kenneth McAlpine of The Priory, Lamberhurst
  • 1974: David George Wilfrid Barham, of Hole Park, Rolvenden
  • 1975: John Gore Phillimore of The Postern, Tonbridge
  • 1976: Lieutenant Colonel Garth Leslie Doubleday
  • 1977: Anthony George Pige Leschallas, of Hocker Edge House, Cranbrook.
  • 1978: Major Ion Calvocoressi of Court Lodge, Westerham.
  • 1979: John Keith Shipton of The Manor House, Upper Hardres, Canterbury
  • 1980: Edward St John Brice of Hoo Lodge, Hoo, Rochester
  • 1981: Marianna, Viscountess Monckton of Brenchley
  • 1982: Robert Victor John Evans of Squerryes Lodge, Westerham
  • 1983: Brigadier Maurice Alan Atherton, of Digges Place, Barham, Canterbury
  • 1984: Richard James Corben of Great Ivy Mill, Loose, Maidstone
  • 1985: Major Sir Marc Noble
  • 1986: Theda Fitzgerald Moore of George House, Bridge Street, Wye, Ashford.
  • 1987: Captain Richard Dewar Neame, of The Court House, Bishopbourne, Canterbury.
  • 1988: Lieutenant Colonel John Rochfort Yerburgh, of Hartlip Place
  • 1989: Henry Cornwallis Maude, of Wingham Well House, Wingham
  • 1990: John St Andrew Warde, of Squerryes Court, Westerham
  • 1991: David McArthur Holman, of Crundale House, Crundale, Canterbury
  • 1992: Henry Hyde Villiers of Ulcombe Place, Ulcombe, Maidstone
  • 1993: Robin Charles Denison-Pender
  • 1994: Rosemary Chloe Teacher, of Hadlow Place, Tonbridge
  • 1995: Robin John Baker White of Street End Place, Street End, Canterbury.
  • 1996: Paul James Cranston Smallwood of The Old Rectory, Stanford, Ashford.
  • 1997: Edwin Roy Pratt Boorman of Redhill Farm, Redhill, Wateringbury.
  • 1998: John Philip Merricks of The Manor, Icklesham, Rye, East Sussex
  • 1999: John Bernard Sunley, of The Old Vicarage, Godmersham, near Canterbury

21st century

  • 2000: Roderick Francis Loder-Symonds of Denne Hill Farm, Womenswold, Canterbury.
  • 2001: Robert Harry Beale Neame, of Dane Court, Kits Hill, Selling, Faversham.
  • 2002: Charles Lancelot Dawes of Leacon Hall, Warehorne, Ashford.
  • 2003: Anthony Hugh Verner Monteuuis, of Park Holt, Penshurst, Tonbridge
  • 2004: James Rushworth Hope Loudon, of Olantigh, Wye, Ashford
  • 2005: William Arthur Andrew Wells of Mere House, Mereworth
  • 2006: Amanda Arianwen Cecilia Cottrell of Challock Lees, Ashford
  • 2007: Nigel Leonard Wheeler, of East Peckham, Tonbridge
  • 2008: Richard John Oldfield, of Doddington Park
  • 2009: Jane Margaret Rogers, of Riverhill House, Sevenoaks
  • 2010: Peregrine Tatton Eyre Massey, of Boldshaves, Woodchurch
  • 2011: Georgie Mary Warner, of Petteridge Place, Brenchley
  • 2012: Michael William Sommerville Bax of Shadoxhurst, Ashford
  • 2013: Alastair Campbell, 4th Baron Colgrain of Sevenoaks
  • 2014: Hugo Mark Fenwick of Egerton, Ashford
  • 2015: William Alexander, of Shoreham, Sevenoaks
  • 2016: Kathrin Fiona Smallwood of Charing
  • 2017: George Elphinstone Jessel of East Brabourne, near Ashford
  • 2018: Susan Jane Ashton of Tenterden
  • 2019: Paul Jonathan Barrett of Wickhambreaux, Canterbury
  • 2020: Remony Elizabeth St John Millwater of Sandwich
  • 2021: John Charles Harold Weir of Hempstead, Gillingham
  • 2022: Russell John Race of Rochester
  • 2023: Nadra Ahmed, of West Malling

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