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Hours Tour

Hours Tour
Tour by David Bowie
Associated albumHours
Start date9 October 1999
End date7 December 1999
No. of shows8
David Bowie concert chronology

The Hours Tour was a small-scale promotional concert tour by David Bowie comprising eight live performances and numerous television appearances in support of the album Hours. Guitarist Page Hamilton, founding member of Helmet, was drafted to replace Reeves Gabrels whose final performance and association with Bowie ended at the VH1 Storytellers performance on 23 August 1999. Rumours of a split were denied by both parties, until a few months later the story changed as the guitarist admitted that he and Bowie had drifted apart.[1]


The Elysée Montmartre performance on 14 October 1999 was filmed and recorded with three songs later appearing on the CD single of "Survive" . The Libro Music Hall, Vienna, performance on 17 October 1999, coinciding with the launch of BowieNet Europe was made available as a live webcast. The performance at the Kit Kat Klub, New York City, on 19 November 1999 was recorded and filmed with a webcast of the performance as part of the American Express Blue Concert series transmitted on 7 December 1999, in addition to a simulcast radio broadcast by SFX Radio network on the same date. Three songs from the performance appeared on the CD single of "Seven" (2000).


This performance is from the Store Vega, Copenhagen, Denmark show at 7 December 1999.

  1. "Life on Mars?"
  2. "Thursday's Child"
  3. "Ashes to Ashes"
  4. "Survive"
  5. "Can't Help Thinking About Me"
  6. "China Girl"
  7. "Always Crashing in the Same Car"
  8. "Something in the Air"
  9. "Drive-In Saturday"
  10. "Stay"
  11. "Seven"
  12. "Changes"
  13. "Rebel Rebel"


  1. "Word on a Wing"
  2. "Repetition"
  3. "The Pretty Things Are Going to Hell"
  4. "Cracked Actor"
  5. "I'm Afraid of Americans"

Tour band

Tour dates

Date City Country Venue
North America
23 August 1999 New York City United States Manhattan Center
9 October 1999 London England NetAid - Wembley Stadium
10 October 1999 Dublin Ireland Dublin HQ
14 October 1999 Paris France Elysée Montmartre
17 October 1999 Vienna Austria Libro Music Hall
North America
19 November 1999 New York City United States Kit Kat Klub
2 December 1999 London England The Astoria
4 December 1999 Milan Italy Alcatraz
7 December 1999 Copenhagen Denmark Vega



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