House of Representatives (Trinidad and Tobago)

House of Representatives of Trinidad and Tobago
12th Republican Parliament
        Flag         Coat of Arms
Bridgid Annisette-George
since 23 September 2015
Deputy Speaker
Esmond Forde, PNM
since 23 September 2015
Keith Rowley, PNM
since 9 September 2015
Leader of Government Business
Camille Robinson-Regis, PNM
since 23 September 2015
Kamla Persad-Bissessar, UNC
since 23 September 2015
Opposition Chief Whip
David A. Lee, UNC
since 23 September 2015
21 or (20 plus the Speaker of the House of Representatives) for a majority
Political groups

Official Opposition

Last election
10 August 2020
Next election
Meeting place
The Red House, Abercromby Street, Downtown, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Constitution of Trinidad and Tobago

The House of Representatives is the elected lower house of the bicameral Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago, along with the President and Senate of Trinidad and Tobago. The House of Representatives sits at the Red House. It has 41 members, each elected to represent single-seat constituencies. The Parliament is elected with a five-year term, but may be dissolved earlier by the President if so advised by the Prime Minister.

After an election, the person commanding the support of the most members of the House is appointed Prime Minister and asked to form a government.

Five constituencies were added in the 2007 election; there were only 36 constituencies prior to 2007. There are now 41 constituencies.

The Presiding Officer of the House of Representatives is the Speaker of the House, who can either be one of the elected 41 members, or come from outside. This has implications for the calculation of special majority votes (42 members instead of 41).

As of 20 April 2021, there are only 12 female members (28.6%), and three members born in Tobago (7.3%).

Election 2020

People's National Movement322,25049.08–2.6022–1
United National Congress309,18847.09+7.4819+2
Progressive Democratic Patriots10,3671.58New0New
Progressive Empowerment Party5,9330.90New0New
Independent Liberal Party3,8170.58–0.1200
Movement for Social Justice1,2230.19New0New
Movement for National Development1,0390.16New0New
New National Vision4930.08–0.0400
Trinidad Humanity Campaign3660.06+0.0400
National Organisation of We the People3100.05New0New
National Coalition for Transformation2340.04–0.0100
Progressive Party2110.03New0New
One Tobago Voice800.01New0New
Unrepresented Peoples Party730.01New0New
Unity of the People400.01New0New
The National Party230.00New0New
Valid votes656,52299.73
Invalid/blank votes1,7750.27
Total votes658,297100.00
Registered voters/turnout1,134,13558.04
Source: EBCTT, IPU
Results of the 2020 general election – winning party vote strength by constituency.

Current members of Parliament

Speaker of the House of Representatives

Office Name Party Appointed by Since
Speaker of the House of Representatives
PNM 9 September 2015

Notes and references

  1. ^ Annisette-George was elected Speaker of the House of Representatives under the nomination of the PNM. However, the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives is officially one without political affiliation.
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