A hoverbike (or hovercycle) is a vehicle that can hover, but that otherwise resembles a motorbike, mainly by having at least two propulsive portions - one in front of and one behind the driver.

Aeronautic motors

Starting in 2014, Malloy Aeronautics has been developing a hoverbike that has experimented with quadcopter-like lift.[1] In 2015, the company announced collaboration with the United States Defense Department at the Paris Airshow.[2]

External video
World's first fully-manned hoverbike tested in Moscow on YouTube

In April 2016, British inventor Colin Furze announced he had created a hoverbike using two paramotors.[3]

The Aero-X is a designed to carry up to two people.[4]

The Hoversurf Scorpion 3 is a hoverbike launched in 2017.[5]

In fiction

This concept is commonly used in futuristic cyberpunk games such as Mass effect 3 or Cyberpunk 2077[6]


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