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Most recentMay 2019, Boston, USA
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IWOCL 2017 in Toronto.

The International Workshop on OpenCL (IWOCL – "eye-wok-ul") is an annual conference that brings together the community of OpenCL users, researchers, developers and suppliers to share OpenCL best practise and help advance the use of the Khronos OpenCL standard for the parallel programming of heterogeneous systems.

Participation at IWOCL is open to anyone who is interested in contributing to, and participating in the OpenCL community including developers working with the many APIs, tools and libraries built on OpenCL, including the Khronos SPIR (Standard Portable Intermediate Representation) and SYCL (C++ abstraction layer).

Technical program and submissions

A Call for Sessions usually goes out in the Autumn before the event the following May.

The technical program comprises research papers (published in the ACM Conference Series, technical presentations and posters, preceded by a day of workshops. All submissions are reviewed by a Technical Committee comprising world-leaders in the field of OpenCL and Heterogeneous computing.

Event History and Dates

The International Workshop on OpenCL (IWOCL) is now in its 7th year with the first event taking place at Georgia Tech, USA on May 13–14, 2013

Conference Location Dates Link / Archive
IWOCL 2020 Munich, Germany Apr 27–29 Website
IWOCL 2019 Boston, USA May 13–15 Program
IWOCL 2018 Oxford, UK May 14–16 Program Archive
IWOCL 2017 Toronto, Canada May 16–18 Program Archive
IWOCL 2016 Vienna, Austria April 19–21 Program Archive
IWOCL 2015 Stanford, USA May 12–13 Program Archive
IWOCL 2014 Bristol, England May 12–13 Program Archive
IWOCL 2013 Georgia Tech, USA May 13–14 Program Archive

Event organization

IWOCL is a community led, not-for profit event chaired by Simon McIntosh-Smith, Professor in High Performance Computing and Head of the Microelectronics Group at Bristol University.


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