I M Marsh Campus

I M Marsh Campus
Established1900 as Liverpool Physical Training College
DeanProfessor Raphaela Kane
Location, ,
53°22′13″N 2°55′14″W / 53.370214°N 2.9206°W / 53.370214; -2.9206Coordinates: 53°22′13″N 2°55′14″W / 53.370214°N 2.9206°W / 53.370214; -2.9206

The IM Marsh Campus is a Liverpool John Moores University campus in south Liverpool. It is home to the School of Education, Leisure and Sport Studies and the School of Teacher Education and Professional Learning - both part of the Faculty of Education, Health and Community (EHC).

It currently houses the majority of the University's sporting facilities including: sports hall, two gymnasiums, fitness suite, climbing wall, tennis courts, hockey astroturf and three large playing fields. All the facilities are operated by Marsh Sports.


The campus was founded in 1900 by Irene Mabel Marsh (hence the IM Marsh Campus) as a Physical Education Teacher Training college for Girls. The campus briefly became part of the University of Liverpool, then Liverpool Polytechnic, and eventually Liverpool John Moores University.


Based in the green suburb of Aigburth in south Liverpool approximately four miles from the city centre, it is the only campus outside of the city centre. It is well connected to the city and the rest of the United Kingdom through three local train stations (Aigburth Station, Mossley Hill Station and West Allerton Station), several bus routes operated by Merseytravel, and Liverpool John Lennon Airport.


The I M Marsh Campus' swimming pool and sports hall

Notable former students

  • Ian Usher (1982–1985 B.Ed (Outdoor Education) - traveller, adventurer, writer and speaker. Sold "entire life" on eBay in 2008.[1]


On 30 March 2011, LJMU announced their intention to sell the campus and relocate the faculty to the city centre.[2] This has had the foreseeable effect of rendering it as not as up to date as other LJMU campuses, as funding has not kept up with that of other campuses.


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