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Immigration Museum, Melbourne
Old Customs House Melbourne.jpg
Immigration Museum in Old Customs House
LocationMelbourne, Australia
Coordinates37°49′09″S 144°57′37″E / 37.8191°S 144.9604°E / -37.8191; 144.9604
TypeCulture museum

The Immigration Museum is a museum primarily displaying Australia's immigration history. It is located on Flinders Street in Melbourne, Victoria, in the Old Customs House. The building occupies the site of one of the first buildings in the city, Fawkner's Hotel, built in 1835 by John Pascoe Fawkner, one of the founders of Melbourne.

The museums most important space, the Long Room, is a notable piece of Renaissance Revival architecture.

The museum was founded in 1998, and is a division of Museums Victoria, which administers the cultural and scientific collections of the State of Victoria.[1] Its sister museums are Melbourne Museum (including the Royal Exhibition Building) and Scienceworks Museum.

In addition to its work on documenting immigration history, the museum also hosts various travelling exhibitions, and also provides educational programs. The courtyard of the museum is utilised to host community festivals which are an amalgamation of food, music and culture. It comprises the Immigration Discovery Centre where people can search for their roots and the Tribute Garden which honours immigrants from more than 90 countries.[2]


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