Public holidays in Bolivia (Redirected from Independence Day (Bolivia))

Date English name Aymara name Quechua name Spanish name Remarks
January 1 New Year's Day Año Nuevo
January 22 Plurinational State of Bolivia Anniversary Nacimiento del Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia
February 2 Feast of the Virgin of Candelaria Mamacha Candelaria Fiesta de la Virgen de Candelaria
Floating Carnival Feriado por Carnaval The dates change every year, but regardless of the dates and days on which they occur, they are two days' paid holiday.
floating Good Friday Viernes Santo The different churches in the cities across the country schedule Masses and additional services to celebrate Triduum, the most three important days in the Holy Week: Good Friday through Easter Sunday. So far, Good Friday is a paid holiday.
floating Corpus Christi This holiday, religious as well as national, is a celebration of the Eucharist and one of the nation's busiest festivities. It occurs 60 days after Easter.
May 1 Labor Day Dia del trabajo Paid holiday, occurs on Monday if it falls on a Sunday
June 21 Andean New Year Willkakuti Año Nuevo Andino On traditional date of Aymara New Year and the winter solstice. Declared official holiday in 2010.[1]
August 2 Agrarian Reform Day Día de la Revolución Agraria, Productiva y Comunitaria Day of the Indian (Día del Indio), promulgated by President Germán Busch in 1937. Anniversary of Agrarian Reform law of 1953. Briefly known as Día del Indio y la Interculturalidad and Día de los Pueblos Originarios in the 21st century.[2]
August 6 Independence Day Dia de la Patria
November 2 All Saints Day Todos Santos
December 25 Christmas Day Navidad
Notes Paid holiday- this essentially refers to the people who depend on a salary, and who would normally be paid that day. Fast food companies negotiate holidays with their employees so they can provide their services during these days.


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