Indexed Database API

Indexed Database API
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Indexed Database API
StatusFirst Public Working Draft
Latest version3.0
11 March 2021
Preview versionEditor's Draft
11 March 2021
CommitteeWeb Applications Working Group
  • Ali Alabbas
  • Joshua Bell
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    • Nikunj Mehta
    • Jonas Sicking
    • Eliot Graff
    • Andrei Popescu
    • Jeremy Orlow
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DomainNoSQL databases

The Indexed Database API (commonly referred to as IndexedDB) is a JavaScript application programming interface (API) provided by web browsers for managing a NoSQL database of JSON objects. It is a standard maintained by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

As an alternative to the Web storage standard, IndexedDB can provide more storage capacity. Web storage has fixed limits per website, but IndexedDB limits are "usually quite large, if they exist at all".

Use cases for IndexedDB include caching web application data for offline availability. Some browser modules, such as devtools or extensions, may also use it for storage.


Support for IndexedDB was added to Firefox version 4, Google Chrome version 11, Internet Explorer version 10, Safari version 8, and Microsoft Edge version 12.

Web SQL Database was a prior API developed by Apple. But Firefox refused to add support for it and argued against it becoming a standard because it would codify the quirks of SQLite. It was thus deprecated in favor of IndexedDB.

IndexedDB 1.0 became a W3C Recommendation on January 8, 2015. IndexedDB 2.0 became a W3C Recommendation on January 30, 2018. IndexedDB 3.0 is currently a First Public Working Draft.

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