International Conference on Defects in Semiconductors

International Conference on Defects in Semiconductors
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International Conference on Defects in Semiconductors (ICDS) is a long running series of scientific meetings which focuses on research into point and extended defects in semiconductors. It developed as a spin off from the International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors, remaining a satellite meeting from the first conference on Radiation Effects in Semiconductors in Gatlinburg in 1959 (now known as ICDS 1) until becoming a separate meeting for ICDS 16.[1] The ICDS covers both basic and applied research topics, with special emphasis on applications of results to semiconducting materials and semiconductors-based device functionality. Traditionally, the ICDS has been held every 2 years in various cities around the world with frequent associated proceedings.[2] The previous conference (ICDS 29) was held in Matsue, Japan, from 31 July to 4 August 2017 and was attended by researchers from 32 countries.[3]

ICDS 30 is currently taking place in Seattle, United States between 21–26 July 2019.[4] Its proceedings will be published as part of a special topic issue of the Journal of Applied Physics.[5] ICDS 31 will be in Oslo between 25 and 30 July 2021.[6] The 32nd ICDS will be in Beijing in July 2023.

Corbett Prize

The Corbett Prize is awarded at the meetings to a young scientist for an outstanding contribution given at the ICDS. The prize is named in memory of James W. Corbett, one of the pioneers in the field of defects in semiconductors, who was known for helping and encouraging young researchers.[7] The prize has been awarded at every ICDS since 1995.


Year Location Awardee(s) Notes
2019[9] Seattle, United States Kunal Mukherjee University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
Christian Zimmermann University of Oslo, Norway
2017 Matsue, Japan Liwen Sang,[10] Independent scientist at National Institute for Materials Science, Japan (PhD in 2010)
Elena Pascal Post-doctoral researcher, Material Science and Engineering, Carnegie Mellon, USA
2015 Espoo, Finland Thomas Auzelle, Scientist at Paul Drude Institute in Berlin, Germany (PhD in 2015)
Jan E. Stehr Assistant Prof at Linköping University (PhD in 2011)
2013 Bologna, Italy Daniel José da Silva Post-Doc at KU Leuven (PhD in 2014)
2011 Nelson, New Zealand Ben Green Research scientist at Element Six, UK (PhD in 2013)
2009 St Petersburg, Russia Yoshihiro Gohda Professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan (PhD in 2003)
Pavel Petrov Senior Scientist at Ioffe Institute, Russia (PhD in 2001)
2007 Albuquerque, United States Fadwa El-Mellouhi Senior Scientist at Qatar Energy and Environment Research Institute, Qatar (PhD in 2006)
2005 Awaji Island, Japan Hannes Raebiger Professor at Yokohama National University, Japan (PhD in 2006)
Savas Berber Professor at Gebze Technical University, Turkey (PhD in 2004)
Sukit Limpijumnong Professor at Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand (PhD in 2000)
2003 Aarhus, Denmark Naoki Fukata Group leader at National Institute for Materials Science, Japan (PhD in 1998)
2001 Giessen, Germany Yong-Sung Kim Principal Researcher at Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science, South Korea (PhD in 2002)
Benjamin Hourahine Senior Lecturer at University of Strathclyde (PhD in 2000)
1999 California, United States Ant Ural Professor at University of Florida (PhD in 2001)
1997 Aveiro, Portugal Joanne E. Gower King’s College London
Tomas Hallberg Linköping University, Deputy Research Director at Swedish Defence Research Agency (PhD in 1995)
Tomi Mattila Helsinki University of Technology, Senior Scientist at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland (PhD in 1997)
1995 Sendai, Japan Yasunori Mochizuki Vice President for Central Research Laboratories, NEC (PhD in 1987)
Kohei M. Itoh Professor at Keio University, Japan (PhD in 1994)

Recent and future conference locations

The ICDS venue often rotates between locations in Europe, North America and the far East.

Conference name Location Dates Proceedings
ICDS 32 China Beijing, China July 2023
ICDS 31 Norway Oslo, Norway 25–30 July 2021
ICDS 30 United States Seattle, United States 21–26 July 2019 J. Appl. Phys.[11]
ICDS 29 Japan Matsue, Japan 31 July–4 August 2017 J. Appl. Phys.[12]
ICDS 28 Finland Espoo, Finland 27–31 July 2015 J. Appl. Phys[13]
ICDS 27[14] Italy Bologna, Italy 21–26 July 2013 AIP Conference Proceedings[15]
ICDS 26 New Zealand Nelson, New Zealand 17–22 July 2011
ICDS 25 Russia St Petersburg, Russia 20–24 July 2009
ICDS 24[16] United States Albuquerque, United States 22–37 July 2007
ICDS 23 Japan Awaji Island, Japan 24–29 July 2005 Physica B[17]
ICDS 22 Denmark Århus, Denmark 28 July–1 August 2003
ICDS 21 Germany Giessen, Germany 16–20 July 2001
ICDS 20 United States Berkeley, California, United States 26–30 July 1999
ICDS 19 Portugal Aveiro, Portugal 21–25 July 1997 Trans Tech

Related Conferences

  • The Gordon Research Conferences host regular semiconductor defect meeting[18] in alternating years to the ICDS.
  • The Extended Defects in Semiconductors conference (EDS) is in alternating years to the ICDS.[19]

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