International Workshop on Nitride Semiconductors

International Workshop on Nitride Semiconductors
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The International Workshop on Nitride Semiconductors (IWN) is a biennial academic conference in the field of group III nitride research. The IWN and the International Conference on Nitride Semiconductors (ICNS) are held in alternating years and cover similar subject areas. IWN is pioneered by Isamu Akasaki (Nagoya University, Meijo University) and Hiroshi Amano (Nagoya University), who are Nobel laureates in physics (2014)

- IWN2018 was held 11-16 November 2018 in Kanazawa, Japan, and chaired by Hiroshi Fujioka (the University of Tokyo, Japan)[1]

- IWN2016 was held 2-7 October 2016 in Orland, United States, and chaired by Tomas Palacios (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)[2]

- IWN2012 was held 14–19 October 2012 in Sapporo, Japan and chaired by Hiroshi Amano (Nagoya University, Japan).

Conference list

Conference name Location Dates
IWN2018[3] Japan Kanazawa, Japan 11–16 November 2018
IWN2016[4] United States Orland, United States 2–8 October 2016
IWN2014 Poland Wrocław, Poland 24–29 August 2014
IWN2012[5] Japan Sapporo, Japan 14–19 October 2012
IWN2010[6] United States Tampa, United States 19–24 September 2010
IWN2008[7][8] Switzerland Montreux, Switzerland 6–10 October 2008
IWN2006[9] Japan Kyoto, Japan 22–27 October 2006
IWN2004[10] United States Pittsburgh, USA 19–23 July 2004
IWN2002[11] Germany Aachen, Germany 22–25 July 2002
IWN2000[12] Japan Nagoya, Japan 24–27 September 2000

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