Jacques Opangault

Jacques Opangault
Jacques Opangault 4111979.JPG
1st Prime Minister of the Republic of the Congo
In office
April 1957 – 28 November 1958
Succeeded byFulbert Youlou
Personal details
Born(1907-12-13)13 December 1907
Died20 August 1978(1978-08-20) (aged 70)
Political partyMouvement Socialiste Africain

Jacques Opangault (13 December 1907 – 20 August 1978) was a Congolese politician. The founder of the Mouvement Socialiste Africain (MSA; English: African Socialist Movement), he competed with Félix Tchicaya's Parti Progressiste Congolais (PPC; English: Congolese Progressive Party) during two-party rule in Congo during the 1950s.


He was born on 13 December 1907, in Ikagna. In 1947, he was elected to the Territorial Assembly. In 1957, he was prime minister of the provisional government. In 1959, he was jailed after riots in Brazzaville. From June 1961 to April 1962, he was vice president under Fulbert Youlou. In 1963, he was arrested, after the fall of his government. He retired from politics.

He died on 20 August 1978.

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