José de Canterac

Portrait of José de Canterac

José de Canterac (July 29, 1786, Casteljaloux, Lot-et-Garone, France – April 13, 1835, Madrid, Spain) was a Spanish general of French origin who fought in the Spanish American wars of independence. In 1816 he joined the army of Pablo Morillo, fighting in the expedition against Isla Margarita. As Field Marshal, he took command of the Spanish Army in South America in 1822 and gained victories at the battles of Ica (1822) and Moquegua (1823). His defeats in 1824 at the Battle of Junín and the Battle of Ayacucho led to his capitulation to the Patriot forces. Upon his return to Spain, Canterac was made Captain General of Madrid. He was killed in 1835 in an insurrection at the Puerta del Sol.

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