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Jules Bourcier

Jules Bourcier (1797, Cuisery – 9 March 1873, Batignolles) was a French naturalist.[1]

Bourcier was an expert on hummingbirds, and named a number of new species, either alone or with other ornithologists; such as Adolphe Delattre and Martial Etienne Mulsant.

The following hummingbird species bear his name:

A species of South American snake, Saphenophis boursieri, was named in his honor by Giorgio Jan in 1867.[2]

Bourcier was the French consul to Ecuador from 1849 to 1850. In 1857 he became a corresponding member of the Société linnéenne de Lyon.[1]


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  • Collection typique d'oiseaux mouches (Trochilidés), 1874 (posthumous).[3]


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