Karingal Hub Shopping Centre

Karingal Hub Shopping Centre
Star Zone Karingal
Karingal Hub.jpg
LocationFrankston, Victoria, Australia
Coordinates38°9′12″S 145°9′56″E / 38.15333°S 145.16556°E / -38.15333; 145.16556Coordinates: 38°9′12″S 145°9′56″E / 38.15333°S 145.16556°E / -38.15333; 145.16556
Address330 Cranbourne Rd.
Opening dateKaringal Hub: 1978
Star Zone Karingal: 2005
No. of stores and services130
No. of anchor tenants4
Total retail floor area41,594 m2 (447,710 sq ft)
No. of floors1

Karingal Hub Shopping Centre and Star Zone Karingal are each part of a regional shopping centre complex, located at 330 Cranbourne Rd, Frankston, Victoria in Australia, approximately 40 kilometres (25 mi) south of Melbourne's central business district. The complex has a combined gross leasable area of 41,594 m2 (447,710 sq ft), 2370 parking spaces and 130 stores.

History & Developments

Karingal Hub was opened in 1978 and has had many incremental expansions over time. In 2006, redevelopment of the shopping centre included refurbishment of the inner and outer facades and additional retail stores inside. In 2005 the centre's entertainment and well being section was opened and named Star Zone Karingal.

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