Kurdish calendar

The Kurdish calendar is a calendar used in the Kurdistan region of Iraq alongside the Islamic and Gregorian calendar.


The start of the calendar is marked by the Battle of Nineveh, a conquest of the Assyrians by the Medes in 612 BC.


The names for the months are often derived from society's events in that month.

Order Days Native Script Romanized Likely Meaning
1 31 خاکەلێوە Xakelêwe
2 31 گوڵان Gullan Likely derived from the Kurdish word 'Gul' meaning flower.
3 31 زەردان Zerdan / Cozerdan
4 31 پووشپەڕ Puşperr
5 31 گەلاوێژ Gelawêj Named after the Gelawêj star (Sirius) that becomes visible in this month.
6 31 خەرمانان Xermanan Likely derived from the word Kurdish word 'Xerm' meaning warm.
7 30 بەران Beran / Razbar
8 30 گێزان Xezan / Khazalawar
9 30 ﺳﺎﺮﺍﻦ Saran / Sermawez
10 30 بەفران Befran / Befranbar Likely derived from the word 'Befr' meaning snow.
11 30 ڕێبەندان Rêbendan
12 29/30 ڕەشەمە Reşeme

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