Lagoon Secondary School, Lekki

Lagoon School is a private all-girls Primary and secondary school located in Lekki, in Lagos State, Nigeria. It has about seven hundred students in the secondary section and about two hundred and fifty pupils in the Primary Section and a hundred members of staff.[1]


The school was established in September 1995 in Surulere and later moved to Lekki.[2]

Mentoring Program

As part of the school activities, the school recently organized this program to assist their wards in area of Music and Art. The program is fashioned as an eye opener to the students and also to bring the curiosity about the world outside the four corners of the school.[3]


Recently, the Secondary section of the School organized quiz and project competition in Science related subjects. The competition was between selected female secondary schools in Lagos State.[4] The competition help some of the invited schools to display their competitive edge in the following areas of

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