Lagos Games Festival

Lagos Games Festival
Lagos Games Festival
Date(s)Easter weekend
Location(s)Lagos, Nigeria
Years active2019–present
FounderShina Charles Memud

The Lagos Games Festival is an annual one-day games and arts festival that takes place in Lagos, Nigeria.[1] Founded by Shina Charles Memud, it was created with the aim of creating a platform where the gaming culture can be promoted, everyone can experience local and international games and as well as building business opportunities for the gaming industry.[2] The festival provides a venue for live tournaments, competitions and musical acts to perform. The festival (LGF) is kid-friendly and open to parent or group of people.There are outdoor activities, local vendors, and artisans to make the event very lively.


The Lagos Games Festival is produced by DoingSoon.[3] The maiden edition (2019) of the Lagos Games Festival took place at Tafawa Balewa Square (TBS), Lagos State. April 20th 2019.


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