Laheriasarai is a city in North Bihar and considered as twin-city of Darbhanga. It has had a long cultural history. It's long been an integral part of Mithila and has a religious significance for Hindus (in particular mithila Brahmins with Thakur, Jha, Choudhary, Giri, Yadav and Mishra's). Maithili is the mother tongue of this city and most of the people speak hindi. Darbhanga is the district headquarters and many of its important offices are situated in Laheriasarai. It is named after a caste called Lahiri engaged in Lahathi making (Lac Bangle). Laheriasarai consist of many small villages like Kharajpur, Barheta etc. Laheriasarai is the administrative area of darbhanga district. There is a famous Nehru stadium (polo field) in Laheriasarai. In nehru stadium there is badminton indoor court, table tennis hall, indoor gym, cricket, football, lawn tennis stadium.




Laheriasarai Railway Station is next to Darbhanga Railway Station and works as an important Railway Station for people living in south Darbhanga.The city is also well connected by road to Muzaffarpur, Patna, Samastipur and other parts of Bihar.Laheriasarai Bus Stand works as an important Bus stand for North Darbhanga. For transportation across the city auto, rickshaw and cab are available frequently.


There are many villages situated near Bagmati River (kherajpur, Ojhoul, Ahila, Sinuara,Barheta,Taralahi, Panchov, DihLahi etc.). Since these villages are situated near the river, these villages are facing flood every year.


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