Lespar Library of Women's Liberation

The Lespar Library of Women's Liberation is a Western Australian feminist library.

The library was opened in 1979 in a building owned by Karin Hoffmann at Darlington, Western Australia.[1]

There are some 3000 titles in its collection.[2] It is housed within the Gay and Lesbian Archives of Western Australia (GALAWA) Inc., now located in the Geoffrey Bolton Library at Murdoch University.[3]

Holdings include international as well as Australian feminist magazines, including the Union of Australian Women's (UAW) Our Women (1953โ€“1971), Everything: Anarchist Feminist Magazine (1979โ€“1985), As If (1973 and Lip: A Feminist Arts Journal (1976โ€“1984).[2]

The library's catalogue has not been digitised,[2] but three editions have been published in book form, the most recent in 1986.[4]

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