Library Association of Singapore

Library Association of Singapore
Library Association of Singapore
(Malay: Persatuan Perpustakaan Singapura)
Library Association of Singapore Logo
PredecessorPersatuan Perpustakaan Malaysia, Chawagan Singapura (Library Association of Malaysia, Singapore Branch)
Merged intoPersatuan Perpustakaan Tanah Melayu (1964)
FormationJanuary 7, 1955; 66 years ago (1955-01-07)
Registration no.(UEN) S65SS0038H
Legal statusRegistered society
HeadquartersNational Library, Singapore

The Library Association of Singapore (LAS) is a national-level, professional organization for Singapore's librarians and library workers.[1]


LAS was originally part of the Malayan Library Group created in March 1955, which was renamed in 1958 to become the Library Association of Malaya and Singapore. It became the Library Association of Singapore in 1960 as it was split from Persatuan Perpustakaan Persekutuan Tanah Melayu (Malaysia). Then it was reconstituted as the Persatuan Perpustakaan Malaysia, Chawagan Singapura (Library Association of Malaysia, Singapore Branch) in 1964, and finally Persatuan Perpustakaan Singapura in 1966.[1] The name was changed from its Malay version to the English version used currently only in March 1975.


LAS is responsible for publishing the Singapore Journal of Library and Information Management (SJLIM) (ISSN 2382-5626).[2] Beginning in 1971, this scholarly journal is written in English and refereed.[3] Another publication is the Singapore Libraries Bulletin for news and information purposes.[4]

In 99 Words: Stories Librarians Tell (ISBN 9789810767938) is a book published by LAS in 2013[5] and launched during the 2013 IFLA conference held in Singapore.[6]

International Involvement

Together with International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) and National Library Board they organized the IFLA World Library and Information Congress in 2013.[7] LAS was one of three partners to organize the Asia-Pacific Library and Information Conference (APLIC) held on July 29, 2018, in Canberra, Australia[8]


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