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Developer(s)GNOME Project
Stable release2.45.5 (16 February 2019; 8 months ago (2019-02-16)[1][2]) [±]
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Written inC, Rust
TypeGraphics library
LicenseGPLv2, LGPLv2

librsvg is a free software SVG rendering library written as part of the GNOME project, intended to be lightweight and portable.[3] The Linux command-line program rsvg uses the library to turn SVG files into raster images.


librsvg uses two other libraries to perform tasks from reading the file to rendering to the screen.

  • libxml is used to parse the XML code orientation of an SVG file into a form that can be accessed quickly by the library.
  • cairo is used to render the information obtained by libxml to a block of memory.

Since v2.41.0 many parts have been rewritten to Rust.[4][5]


librsvg is developed for the GNOME desktop environment and as such is used by GNOME Files but is also intended to be used in other software applications. As a notable example, wikis hosted by Wikimedia use librsvg to render SVG images.[6] It was once picked for these web applications because it was decidedly "fast but not very accurate", according to MediaWiki.[7]

Upon switching to the cairo vector rendering engine in 2005,[8][9] librsvg became more accurate and more visually pleasing. Since 2012 an independent developer published Win32 console ports rsvg-convert.exe, as of March 2016 version 2.40.13.[10] The rsvg-view manual page is also available online.[11]


On Linux, an SVG file can be converted to PNG as follows:

$ rsvg-convert --format=png --output=diagram.png diagram.svg

Other supported output formats include PDF and XML.


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