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This is a list of administrators and governors of Cross River State, Nigeria, including leaders of South-Eastern State. South-Eastern State was formed on May 27, 1967 when Eastern Region was split into East-Central, Rivers and South-Eastern states. The state was renamed Cross River State in 1976.

South-Eastern State Title Took Office Left Office Party Notes
Uduokaha Esuene Governor 28 May 1967 July 1975 Military
Paul Omu Governor 3 February 1976 July 1978 Military
Cross River State Title Took Office Left Office Party Notes
Paul Omu Governor 3 February 1976 July 1978 Military
Babatunde Elegbede Governor July 1978 October 1979 Military
Clement Isong Governor October 1979 October 1983 NPN
Donald Etiebet Governor October 1983 December 1983 NPN NAVY CAPTAIN EDET AKPAN ARCHIBONG; MILITARY GOVERNOR FROM JANUARY 1984 -MAY 1984
Dan Archibong Governor MAY 1984 1986 Military
Eben Ibim Princewill Governor 1986 December 1989 Military
Ernest Attah Governor December 1989 January 1992 Military
Clement Ebri Governor January 1992 November 1993 NRC
Ibrahim Kefas Administrator 9 December 1993 14 September 1994 Military
Gregory Agboneni Administrator 14 September 1994 22 August 1996 Military
Umar Farouk Ahmed Administrator 22 August 1996 August 1998 Military
Christopher Osondu Administrator August 1998 May 1999 Military
Donald Duke Governor 29 May 1999 29 May 2007 PDP
Liyel Imoke Governor 29 May 2007 29 May 2015 PDP
Benedict Ayade Governor 29 May 2015 Incumbent APC

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