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Depiction of Mary the Jewess, considered the first non-fictitious Western alchemist. From Michael Maier's Symbola Aurea MensaeDuodecim Nationum (1617)

An alchemist is a person versed in the art of alchemy. Western alchemy flourished in Greco-Roman Egypt, the Islamic world during the Middle Ages, and then in Europe from the 13th to the 18th centuries. Indian alchemists and Chinese alchemists made contributions to Eastern varieties of the art. Alchemy is still practiced today by a few, and alchemist characters still appear in recent fictional works and video games.

Many alchemists are known from the thousands of surviving alchemical manuscripts and books. Some of their names are listed below. Due to the tradition of pseudepigraphy, the true author of some alchemical writings may differ from the name most often associated with that work. Some well-known historical figures such as Albertus Magnus and Aristotle are often incorrectly named amongst the alchemists as a result.


Greco-Roman Egypt



Arabic-Islamic world


Revival and modern

Scholars of alchemy

Indirectly involved with alchemy

In fiction

  • Houtarou Ichinose,a fictional character in the Kamen Rider series. (Kamen Rider Gotchard)
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