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List of artiodactyls

This list contains the species in the order Artiodactyla.

Suborder Suina

Family Suidae

Subfamily Babyrousinae

Subfamily Phacochoerinae

Subfamily Suinae

Family Tayassuidae

Family Hippopotamidae

Family Camelidae

Bactrian camel (Camelus bactrianus

Suborder Ruminantia

Family Tragulidae

Infraorder Pecora

Family Giraffidae

Family Moschidae

Family Cervidae

Subfamily Cervinae
Subfamily Hydropotinae
Subfamily Muntiacinae
Subfamily Capreolinae

Family Antilocapridae

Family Bovidae

Subfamily Alcelaphinae
Subfamily Antilopinae
Subfamily Bovinae
Subfamily Caprinae

Subfamily Cephalophinae

Subfamily Hippotraginae
Subfamily Peleinae
Subfamily Aepycerotinae
Subfamily Reduncinae

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