List of current viceregal representatives of the Crown

The royal cypher of King Charles III, surmounted by the Tudor Crown

As sovereign, King Charles III is the living embodiment of The Crown in 15 countries known as the Commonwealth realms. The King resides primarily in the oldest and most populous realm, the United Kingdom, and is represented in the other countries by the following viceregal representatives. The monarch is also represented in each of the Canadian provinces, Australian states, British overseas territories and Crown dependencies, and the states in free association with New Zealand.

Commonwealth realms


Country Governor-general Since List
 Antigua and Barbuda Sir Rodney Williams 14 August 2014 List
 Australia David Hurley 1 July 2019 List
 The Bahamas Cynthia A. Pratt 1 September 2023 List
 Belize Dame Froyla Tzalam 27 May 2021 List
 Canada Mary Simon 26 July 2021 List
 Grenada Dame Cécile La Grenade 7 May 2013 List
 Jamaica Sir Patrick Allen 26 February 2009 List
 New Zealand Dame Cindy Kiro 21 October 2021 List
 Papua New Guinea Sir Bob Dadae 28 February 2017 List
 Saint Kitts and Nevis Dame Marcella Liburd 1 February 2023 List
 Saint Lucia Errol Charles (acting) 11 November 2021 List
 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Dame Susan Dougan 1 August 2019 List
 Solomon Islands Sir David Vunagi 7 July 2019 List
 Tuvalu Sir Tofiga Vaevalu Falani 29 September 2021 List

Counsellors of state

In the United Kingdom, the sovereign appoints counsellors of state to act on the monarch's behalf when he or she is not present in the country or unable for other reasons to perform royal constitutional functions.

Crown dependencies

The three Crown dependenciesGuernsey, the Isle of Man, and Jersey—are possessions of the Crown of the United Kingdom, not of the government of the United Kingdom, and the monarch is head of state. There, the monarch is represented by lieutenant governors.

Dependency Lieutenant Governor Since List
 Bailiwick of Guernsey Richard Cripwell 15 February 2022 List
 Bailiwick of Jersey Jerry Kyd 8 October 2022 List
 Isle of Man Sir John Lorimer 29 September 2021 List

British Overseas Territories

In the fourteen British Overseas Territories, the King is represented by either an Administrator, a Commissioner, or a Governor.

British Overseas Territory Viceregal representative Current holder Since
 Akrotiri and Dhekelia Administrator Peter J. M. Squires 1 September 2022
 Anguilla Governor Paul Candler (acting) 26 June 2023
 Bermuda Governor Rena Lalgie 14 December 2020
 British Antarctic Territory Commissioner Paul Candler 1 July 2021
 British Indian Ocean Territory Commissioner Paul Candler 1 July 2021
 British Virgin Islands Governor John Rankin 29 January 2021
 Cayman Islands Governor Jane Owen 21 April 2023
 Falkland Islands Governor Alison Blake 23 July 2022
 Gibraltar Governor Sir David Steel 11 June 2020
 Montserrat Governor Sarah Tucker 6 April 2022
 Pitcairn Islands Governor Iona Thomas 8 August 2022
 Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Governor Nigel Phillips 13 August 2022
 South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands Commissioner Alison Blake 23 July 2022
 Turks and Caicos Islands Governor Dileeni Daniel-Selvaratnam 29 June 2023

States in free association with New Zealand

In the Realm of New Zealand, the Cook Islands has a separate King's Representative. Niue is entitled to one, but, under the Niue Constitution Act, the monarch is represented by New Zealand's Governor-General.

Territory Representative Since List
 Cook Islands Sir Tom Marsters 27 July 2013 List
 Niue Dame Cindy Kiro 21 October 2021 List

Sub-national representatives

The following list is restricted to those who represent the Crown directly. Since Administrators of Australian territories represent the Governor-General, they are not included here. Commissioners of Canadian territories do not represent the monarch, but the federal government, and are not included.


In the six Australian states, the King is represented by a governor.

State Governor Since List
 New South Wales Margaret Beazley 2 May 2019 List
 Queensland Jeannette Young 1 November 2021 List
 South Australia Frances Adamson 7 October 2021 List
 Tasmania Barbara Baker 16 June 2021 List
 Victoria Margaret Gardner 9 August 2023 List
 Western Australia Chris Dawson 15 July 2022 List


In the ten Canadian provinces, the King is represented by a lieutenant governor.

Province Lieutenant governor Since List
 Alberta Salma Lakhani 26 August 2020 List
 British Columbia Janet Austin 24 April 2018 List
 Manitoba Anita Neville 24 October 2022 List
 New Brunswick Brenda Murphy 8 September 2019 List
 Newfoundland and Labrador Judy Foote 3 May 2018 List
 Nova Scotia Arthur LeBlanc 28 June 2017 List
 Ontario Elizabeth Dowdeswell 23 September 2014 List
 Prince Edward Island Antoinette Perry 20 October 2017 List
 Quebec J. Michel Doyon 24 September 2015 List
 Saskatchewan Russell Mirasty 18 July 2019 List

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