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List of lagomorphs

Desert cottontail, Sylvilagus audubonii

This list contains the species in the order Lagomorpha.

Family Ochotonidae (pikas)

Genus Ochotona

Subgenus Pika: northern pikas

Subgenus Ochotona: shrub-steppe pikas

Subgenus Conothoa: mountain pikas

Family Leporidae (rabbits and hares)

Genus Pentalagus

Genus Bunolagus

Genus Nesolagus

Genus Romerolagus

Genus Brachylagus

Genus Sylvilagus

Subgenus Tapeti

Subgenus Sylvilagus

Subgenus Microlagus

Genus Oryctolagus

Genus Poelagus

Genus Pronolagus

Genus Caprolagus

Genus Lepus

Subgenus Macrotolagus

Subgenus Poecilolagus

Subgenus Lepus

Subgenus Proeulagus

Subgenus Eulagos

Subgenus Sabanalagus

Subgenus Indolagus

Subgenus Sinolagus

Subgenus Tarimolagus

Subgenus incertae sedis

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