List of largest libraries

This sortable list of largest libraries includes libraries that, as measured in 2008 or subsequently, store 15 million or more items. All figures are based on data published by the libraries themselves. As there are no universally accepted standards for measuring stock, libraries may have counted their holdings in different ways, and the figures given may not be directly comparable.

Largest libraries in the world

Name Country Location Catalogued size
(number of items)
Visitors per year Budget Staff
British Library  United Kingdom London and Boston Spa _0180000000170–200 million
_00017500001.75 million _01410000000£141 million _019771,977
Library of Congress  United States Washington, D.C. _0168000000175 million+ _00017500001.9 million _19523722680US$696.112 million _036243,149
Shanghai Library  China Shanghai _005000000057 million _0001170000 _01640000000 _01972
New York Public Library  United States New York City _00550000055 million _001800000018 million _07546275000US$250 million _029373,000
Library and Archives Canada  Canada Ottawa _005400000054 million _0116900000C$116.9 million _00874874
Russian State Library  Russia Moscow _004440000048.1 million _0001170000498,000 _016400000002.7 billion _019721,613
National Diet Library  Japan Tokyo and Kyoto _004190000044.1 million _0000654000791,370 _07128927000¥21.8 billion _00908908
German National Library  Germany Leipzig and Frankfurt _003420000043.7 million _000029973350,713 _0183403310057.6 million _00622639
Royal Danish Library  Denmark Copenhagen and Aarhus _003540000042.5 million (physical items, excl. digital) _00008503011.45 million _02249892000523.8 million kr _00492800+
National Library of China  China Beijing _003770000043.27 million _00052000005.2 million _013651,365
University of California Libraries  United States Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, Merced, Riverside, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, and Santa Cruz 40.8 million US$295 million 2,000+
Bibliothèque nationale de France  France Paris _004000000041.66 million _00013000001.3 million _11038967000254 million _026682,668
University of Illinois Library  United States Urbana, Illinois _004000000038 million US$48.7 million_07546275000
National Library of Russia  Russia Saint Petersburg _003650000036.5 million _00009660001 million 569.2 million 1,850
Bavarian State Library  Germany Munich _003420000034.4 million _0000299731.1 million _0183403310059.1 million _000029973805
Biblioteca Nacional de España  Spain Madrid _003310000033.1 million _0229906045029.2 million _01090482
Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences  Russia Saint Petersburg _002650000026.5 million
Berlin State Library  Germany Berlin _002340000023.4 million _00014000001.4 million
Boston Public Library  United States Boston, Massachusetts _002240000022.4 million _01174200390US$38.9 million
New York State Library  United States Albany, New York _002000000020 million
Harvard Library  United States Cambridge, Massachusetts _001890000018.9 million _00922922
National Library of Sweden  Sweden Stockholm _001800000018 million 364.5 million kr
University of Michigan Library  United States Ann Arbor, Michigan _001520000016.1 million
Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine  Ukraine Kyiv _001500000015.5 million _0000500000500,000 _0018860991050.3 million _00900900
Yale Library  United States New Haven, Connecticut _001520000015.2 million
National Library of Iran  Iran Tehran _001500000015.0 million

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