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The following is a list of the 34 pinniped species–seals, sea lions, and the walrus–organized taxonomically. Information given from left to right is the common name; the scientific name; subspecies if any, the conservation status given by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)–and a link to their species page on the IUCN website which serves as a reference for all information–the current range, and an image.


Tribe Pinnipedia – 5 genera, 10 species
Family Phocidae
Common name Scientific name Subspecies Conservation status Range Picture
Harbor seal
Phoca vitulina
Linnaeus, 1758
  • P. v. vitulina East Atlantic harbor seal LC IUCN; 62,500; Question?
  • P. v. concolor West Atlantic harbor seal LC IUCN; 60,000; Question?
  • P. v. mellonae Freshwater seal EN IUCN; 50; Question?
  • P. v. richardii North Pacific harbor seal LC IUCN; 190,000; Increase
  • P. v. stejnegeri Kuril Island seal DD IUCN; unknown; Question?
LC IUCN; 315,000; Question? Leefgebied zeehond.JPG Seehund11cele4 edit.jpg
Spotted seal
Phoca largha
Pallas, 1811
LC IUCN; 320,000; Question? Spotted seal distribution in Bering Sea and surrounding areas.png Phoca largha Bering Sea 3.jpg
Ringed seal Pusa hispida
von Schreber, 1775
  • P. h. hispida LC IUCN; 1,450,000; Question?
  • P. h. botnica Baltic seal LC IUCN; 11,500; Increase
  • P. h. ladogensis Ladoga seal VU IUCN; 3,000–4,500; Increase
  • P. h. ochotensis Okhosk ringed seal LC IUCN; 60,000; Question?
  • P. h. saimensis Saimaa ringed seal EN IUCN; 135–190; Increase
LC IUCN 1,500,000; Question?\ Phoca hispida distribution.png Pusa hispida hispida NOAA 1 (cropped).jpg
Caspian seal Pusa caspica
Gmelin, 1788
EN IUCN; 68,000; Question? Caspian Seal area.png Turkmenistani stamp
Baikal seal Pusa sibirica
Gmelin, 1788
LC IUCN; 54,000; Steady Baikal Seal area.png Baikal seal 200507 hakone japan.JPG
Ribbon seal Histriophoca fasciata
Zimmermann, 1783
LC IUCN; 183,000; Question? Phoca fasciata distribution.png Male Ribbon Sea Ozernoy Gulf Russia.jpg
Harp seal Pagophilus groenlandicus
Erxleben, 1777
LC IUCN; 4,500,000; Increase Sattelrobbe-Phoca groenlandica-World.png Harp seal at False Cape (cropped).jpg
Gray seal Halichoerus grypus
Fabricius, 1791
  • H. g. grypus LC IUCN; 250,000; Increase
  • H. g. macrorhynchus LC IUCN; 66,000; Increase
LC IUCN; 316,000; Increase Grey Seal Halichoerus grypus distribution map.png GreySealMating.jpg
Female left, male right
Hooded seal Cystophora cristata
Erxleben, 1777
VU IUCN; 340,000; Question? Klappmütze-Cystophora cristata-World.png Hooded seal crop.JPG
Bearded seal Erignathus barbatus
Erxleben, 1777
  • E. b. barbatus Atlantic bearded seal LC IUCN; >190,000[a]; Question?
  • E. b. nautilus Pacific bearded seal LC IUCN; 200,000; Question?
LC IUCN; unknown; Question? Erignathus barbatus distribution.png Seal by Christopher Michel.jpg
Weddell seal Leptonychotes weddellii
Lesson, 1826
LC IUCN; 300,000; Question? Leefgebied weddell zeehond.JPG Weddell Seal (js)1 (cropped).jpg
Leopard seal Hydrurga leptonyx
de Blainville, 1820
LC IUCN; 18,000; Question? Hydrurga leptonyx distribution.png Hydrurga leptonyx edit2.jpg
Crabeater seal Lobodon carcinophaga
Hombron and Jacquinot, 1842
LC IUCN; 4,000,000; Question? Lobodon carcinophagus distribution.png Crabeater Seal in Pléneau Bay, Antarctica (6059168728).jpg
Ross seal Ommatophoca rossii
Gray, 1844
LC IUCN; 40,000; Question? Ross Seal area.png Rossrobbe.jpg
Southern elephant seal Mirounga leonina
Linnaeus, 1758
LC IUCN; 325,000; Steady Southern Elephant Seal area.png
Male top, female bottom
Northern elephant seal Mirounga angustirostris
Gill, 1866
LC IUCN; 110,000; Increase Mirounga angustirostris distribution.png

Breeding range in dark blue

Mating scene with elevated Alpha Male. Elephant Seals of Piedras Blancas.jpg
Mediterranean monk seal Monachus monachus
Hermann, 1799
EN IUCN; 350–450; Increase Monachus monachus distribution.png Monachus monachus.jpg
Hawaiian monk seal Neomonachus schauinslandi
Matschie, 1905
EN IUCN; 632; Decrease Hawaiian Monk Seal area.png Endangered Hawaiian monk seal sunning on the beach (6741931081).jpg
Caribbean monk seal
Neomonachus tropicalis
Gray, 1850
EX IUCN Middle America location map.svg Cms-newyorkzoologicalsociety1910.jpg
Family Otariidae
Common name Scientific name Subspecies Conservation status Range Picture
Antarctic fur seal Arctocephalus gazella
Peters, 1875
LC IUCN; 700,000-1,000,000; Decrease Antarctic Fur Seal area.png Antarctic, sea lion (js) 64.jpg
Guadalupe fur seal Arctocephalus townsendi
Merriam, 1897
LC IUCN;[b] 10,000; Increase Arctocephalus townsendi distribution.png
Breeding range in dark blue
Arctocephalus townsendi.jpg
Juan Fernández fur seal Arctocephalus philippii
Peters, 1866
LC IUCN[c]; 16,000; Increase Juan Fernandez Fur Seal area.png Lobo fino.jpg
Galápagos fur seal Arctocephalus galapagoensis
Heller, 1904
EN IUCN; 10,000; Decrease Galapagos Fur Seal area.png Galapagos Fur Seal, Santiago Island.jpg
New Zealand Fur Seal Arctocephalus forsteri
Lesson, 1828
LC IUCN; 100,000; Increase Arctocephalus forsteri distribution.png Arctocephalus forsteri LC0255.jpg
Subantarctic fur seal Arctocephalus tropicalis Gray, 1872 LC IUCN; 200,000; Steady Subantarctic Fur Seal area.png Arctocephalus tropicalis CrozetIslands male.jpg
Brown fur seal Arctocephalus pusillus
von Schreber, 1775
  • A. p. pusillus Cape fur seal LC IUCN; 1,000,000; Increase
  • A. p. doriferus Tasmanian fur seal LC IUCN; 60,000; Increase
LC IUCN; 1,060,000; Increase Arctocephalus pusillus distribution.png
Breeding range in dark blue
Arctocephalus pusillus - SE Tasmania.jpg
South American fur seal Arctocephalus australis
von Zimmermann, 1783
  • A. p. pusillus South American fur seal LC IUCN 99,000; Question?
  • Unnamed Peruvian fur seal VU IUCN 10,500; Question?
  • A. a. gracilis Falkland Island fur seal, unrecognized by IUCN
LC IUCN; 109,500; Increase Arctocephalus australis distribution.png Furseals1.jpg
Northern fur seal Callorhinus ursinus
Linnaeus, 1758
VU IUCN; 650,000; Decrease Callorhinus ursinus distribution.png
Breeding range in dark blue
Alaska 2007 056.jpg
Australian sea lion Neophoca cinerea
Péron, 1816
EN IUCN; 6,500; Decrease Neophoca cinerea distribution.png
Breeding range in dark blue
Neophoca cinerea.JPG
New Zealand sea lion Phocarctos hookeri
Gray, 1844
EN IUCN; 3,031; Decrease New Zealand Sea Lion area.png New Zealand Sea Lion, adult male.jpg
California sea lion Zalophus californianus
Lesson, 1828
LC IUCN; 180,000; Increase Zalophus californianus distribution.png
Breeding range in dark blue, Galápagos sea lion in red
Sea Lions Roar (18604860442).jpg
Galápagos sea lion Zalophus wollebaeki
Sivertsen, 1953
EN IUCN; 9,200–10,600; Decrease Galapagos Sea Lion area.png

Male top, female bottom

Japanese sea lion Zalophus japonicus
Peters, 1866
EX IUCN Sea of Okhotsk map with state labels.png Zalophus japonicus.JPG
South American sea lion Otaria byronia[d]
de Blainville
LC IUCN; 222,500; Steady Otaria flavescens distribution.png Southern Sea Lions.jpg
Steller sea lion
Eumetopias jubatus
von Schreber, 1776
  • E. j. jubatus Western Steller sea lion LC IUCN; 40,409; Increase
  • E. j. monteriensis Eastern Steller sea lion LC IUCN; 40,919; Increase
NT IUCN; 81,327; Increase Eumetopias jubatus distribution.png StellerSealionFamily.jpg
Family Odobenidae
Common name Scientific name Subspecies Conservation status Range Picture
Walrus Odobenus rosmarus
Linnaeus, 1758
VU IUCN; 112,500; Question? Walross-Odobenus rosmarus-World.png Pacific Walrus - Bull (8247646168).jpg


  1. ^ 190,000 is the population in Canadian waters, but the population is unknown in Greenlandic and Norwegian waters
  2. ^ This species was declared extinct until 1954
  3. ^ This species was declared extinct until 1965
  4. ^ Listed as O. flavescens by Mammal Species of the World and ITIS

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