List of political parties in Mauritius

This article lists Mauritius political parties in alphabetical order. Mauritius has a multi-party system with numerous political parties, in which no one party often has a chance of gaining power alone, and parties must work with each other to form coalition governments.

Active parties

Parties represented in the National Assembly of Mauritius

Alliance Name Abbr. Leader Political position Ideology MPs
Militant Socialist Movement
Mouvement socialiste militant
MSM Pravind Jugnauth Centre-left Democratic socialism
Social democracy
37 / 70
42 / 70
Muvman Liberater ML Ivan Collendavelloo Left-wing Democratic socialism
2 / 70
Alan Ganoo Patriotic Movement
Mouvement patriotique de Alan Ganoo
MAG Alan Ganoo
2 / 70
Activist Platform
Plateforme militante
PM Steven Obeegadoo Centre-left
1 / 70
Labour Party
Parti travailliste mauricien
PTr Navin Ramgoolam Centre-left Social democracy
Democratic socialism
13 / 70
17 / 70
Mauritian Social Democratic Party
Parti mauricien social démocrate
PMSD Xavier-Luc Duval Centre-right
to right-wing
4 / 70
None Mauritian Militant Movement
Mouvement militant mauricien
MMM Paul Bérenger Left-wing Democratic socialism
Social democracy
9 / 70
Rodrigues People's Organisation
Organisation du peuple rodriguais
OPR Serge Clair Left-wing Autonomism
2 / 70

Parties without representation

Name Abbr. Leader Actual
Comité D’Action Musulman Mauricien CAMM Jauhan None
Reform Party RP Roshi Bhadain None
Front Solidarité Mauricien FSM Cehl Meeah None
Azir Moris Jameel Peerally None
Ensam Nou Kapav Roshni Mooneeram None
Lalit None
Les Verts Fraternels VF Sylvio Michel None
Ralliement citoyen pour la patrie RCP Parvez Dookhy None
The Four Cats Lallmohammed Ramjan None
Mauritius New Generation Forces MNGF Ahmedally Janoo None
Mouvement Authentique Mauricien MAM Eliézer François None
Mouvement Mauricien Sociale Démocrate MMSD Eric Guimbeau None
The Liberals Maharajah Madhewoo None
Parti Kreol Morisien Edley Bergue None
Parti Justice Sociale Sheila Bunwaree None
Parti Malin Danrajsingh Aubeeluck None
Parti Militan Travayer PMT Jack Bizlall None
Rezistans ek Alternativ Ashok Subron None

Defunct and merged parties

Name Abbr. Leader Founded Dissolved
Action Libérale (Liberal Democratic Party) AL Eugène Laurent, Anatole de Boucherville, Edouard Nairac 1907
All Mauritius Hindu Congress (Hindu Congress) AMHC Ramlochun Nath Varma 1965
Comité d'Action Musulman CAM Abdool Razack Mohamed 1959
Comité d'Action Mauricien CAM II Shakeel Mohamed 2000
Democrat Party DP Onésipho Beaugard, Célicourt Antelme 1885
English Party EP Group of Protestants sponsored by Dalton Clifford Lloyd to oppose J.P. Hennessy 1885
Front National Mauricien FNM Anil Gayan, Atma Doolooa, Hassen Rojoa, Prakash Bheeroo, Ashley Hurrunghee, Vassen Kuppaymootoo 2009
Front des Travailleurs Socialiste FTS Sylvio Michel 1985
Groupement Curepipiens (Anti-PMSD) GC Edley Bergue 1982
Independent Forward Bloc IFB Sookdeo Bissoondoyal 1958
Jan Andolan JA Basdeo Bissoondoyal 1939
L'Entente Mauricienne LEM Jerôme Tranquille 1931
Mouvement Militant Mauricien Socialiste Progressiste MMMSP Dev Virahsawmy 1973
Mouvement Militant Socialiste Mauricien MMSM Madan Dulloo 1995
Mouvement Patriotique Mauricien MPM Satcam Boolell 1982
Mouvement Républicain MR Rama Valayden 1996
Mouvement Travailliste Démocrate MTD Anil Bachoo 1987
National Socialist Workers Party NSWP Dr. Maurice Curé August 1967
Parti Action Liberal PAL Lutchmeeparsadsing Ramsahok 1991
Parti de l'Ordre (Oligarchy Party) PDO Henri Leclézio 1890
Parti Gaëtan Duval PGD Gaëtan Duval 1998
Parti Islamique Mauricien PIM Yousuf Abdul Razack Mohamed 1982
Parti Mauricien Xavier-Luc Duval PMXD Xavier-Luc Duval 1998 2009
Parti du Peuple Mauricien PPM Anirood Gajadhur 1982
Parti Socialiste PS Anil Gayan 1990
Parti Socialiste Mauricien PSM Harish Boodhoo 1979 1983
Parti Socialiste Progressiste PSP Oumashunker Hawoldar 1976
Reformist Party RP William Newton 1885
Ralliement Mauricien RM Jules Koenig 1953 1965
Renouveau Militant Mauricien RMM Prem Nababsing, Jean Claude de l'Estrac 1994
Retrocessionist Party RP Edouard Laurent 1911
Rassemblement Pour la Réforme RPR Sheila Bappoo, Rama Sithanen, Alain Laridon 1996
Rassemblement des Travaillistes Mauricien RTM Beergoonath Ghurburrun 1984
Union Démocratique Mauricienne UDM Maurice Lesage, Guy Ollivry 1969
Union Mauricienne UM Jean-Michel de Senneville 1998
Union Nationale UN Ashok Jugnauth 2014

Former alliances

Name Leader Parties Elections participated Founded Dissolved Colours Emblem
Independence Party Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam PTR/IFB/CAM 1976 general election, 1967 general election
Parti de l'Alliance Nationale Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam PTR/CAM/PMSD 1982 general election
Alliance MMM/PSM Sir Anerood Jugnauth MMM/MSP 1982 general election
MSM/Travailliste Sir Anerood Jugnauth MSM/PTR 1983 general election
L'Union MMM/MTD/FFS Prem Nababsing MMM/MTD/FFS 1987 general election
Alliance MSM - Mauritius Labour Party Sir Anerood Jugnauth MSM/PTR 1987 general election, By-Election 1989
Alliance Parti Travailliste-PMSD Navin Ramgoolam PTR/PMSD 1991 general election
Alliance MSM-MMM Sir Anerood Jugnauth MSM/MMM 1991 general election, By-Election 1992
Alliance PTr-MMM Navin Ramgoolam PTR/MMM By-Election 1995, 1995 general election
Alliance MSM-RMM Sir Anerood Jugnauth MSM/ By-Election 1995, 1995 general election
Federation MSM-MMM MSM/MMM By-Election 1999
Alliance Parti Travailliste-PMXD Navin Ramgoolam PTR/PMXD By-Election 1999, 2000 general election
Alliance MSM-MMM Paul Berenger MSM/MMM 2000 general election, By-Election 2003
Alliance Sociale Navin Ramgoolam PTR/PMXD/VF/MR/MMSM 2005 general election Red
Alliance MSM/MMM Paul Berenger MSM/MMM 2005 general election
Alliance MMM/UN/PMSD Paul Berenger MSM/UN/PMSD By-Election 2009
Alliance de L'Avenir Navin Ramgoolam PTR/PMSD/MSM 2010 general election 2010 6 June 2014 Blue, White and Red
Alliance du Coeur Paul Berenger MMM/UN/MMSD 2010 general election Purple
Remake 2000 Sir Anerood Jugnauth MMM/MSM None 24 April 2014 Purple and Orange
Alliance de l'unité et de la modernité Navin Ramgoolam PTR/MMM 2014 general election 2014 2014 Red and Purple
Alliance Lepep Sir Anerood Jugnauth MSM/PMSD/ML 2014 general election 2014 2019 Orange, White and Blue

Parties in Rodrigues

Political parties in Rodrigues island.

Name Abbr. Leader Actual
Front Patriotique Rodrigues FPR Johnson Roussety None
Mouvement Rodriguais MR Gaëtan Jabeemissar None
Organisation du Peuple Rodriguais OPR Serge Clair None

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