List of political parties in Namibia

Namibia is a one party dominant state with the South-West Africa People's Organisation in power. Opposition parties are allowed, but are widely considered to have no real chance of gaining power. In Namibian politics, ethnicity plays a significant role in party affiliation and voting behaviour. Some parties are dominated by single ethnic groups; SWAPO itself, its government, and administration, is pre-dominantly Ovambo.

Parties with parliamentary seats

Parties with seats in the National Assembly of Namibia after the 2019 elections:

Party Abbr. Leader Political position Ideology Council Assembly
South West Africa People’s Organisation
Afrikaans: Suidwes-Afrikaanse Volks Organisasie
German: Südwestafrikanische Volksorganisation
Hage Geingob Centre-left "Socialism with Namibian characteristics"
28 / 42
63 / 104
Popular Democratic Movement
Afrikaans: Populêre Demokratiese Beweging
PDM McHenry Venaani Centre-right Conservatism
Economic liberalism
2 / 42
16 / 104
Landless People's Movement LPM Bernadus Swartbooi Centre-left
to left-wing
Social democracy
Land reform
6 / 42
4 / 104
United Democratic Front UDF Apius Auchab Damara interests
2 / 42
2 / 104
National Unity Democratic Organisation NUDO Esther Muinjangue Centre-right Herero interests
1 / 42
2 / 104
Independent Patriots for Change IPC Panduleni Itula Grassroots democracy
2 / 42
0 / 104
All People's Party APP Ignatius Shixwameni Centre-left Social democracy
0 / 42
2 / 104
Republican Party
German: Republikanische Partei
RP Henk Mudge Right-wing Conservatism
Christian democracy
0 / 42
2 / 104
Namibian Economic Freedom Fighters NEFF Epafras Mukwiilongo Far-left Marxism–Leninism
0 / 42
2 / 104
Rally for Democracy and Progress RDP Faustus Thomas Centre-left Liberalism
African nationalism
0 / 42
1 / 104
Christian Democratic Voice CDV Mike Kavekotora Far-right Christian fundamentalism
0 / 42
1 / 104
South West Africa National Union SWANU Tangeni Iiyambo Left-wing Democratic socialism
0 / 42
1 / 104

Unrepresented parties

The following parties contested the 2019 parliamentary elections but did not gain a seat, in the order of votes obtained:

New parties

The following parties were established after the last parliamentary elections in 2019:

Parties of local relevance

The following parties did not contest the 2019 general elections but took part in the 2020 local authority election, and gained seats:

Defunct parties

National parties
Local parties
Banned parties

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