List of political parties in Niger

This article lists political parties in Niger. Niger has a multi-party system, with two to three strong political parties and smaller parties electorally successful to take seats in the National Assembly. These smaller parties frequently enter into electoral coalitions with their more powerful opponents, forming blocs in both government and opposition.

Party naming

Nigerien political parties are commonly known both by their acronyms and a nickname. The latter tradition began prior to independence with the Nigerien Democratic Union-Sawaba. Sawaba ("Freedom" in Hausa) became the most common name of the party. Today all large parties have an official "nickname", usually in Hausa, Djerma or other national languages, while the official party name is in French.[citation needed]

Multi-party democracy

Niger banned all opposition parties from 1959 (prior to independence) to 1991. During the First Republic (1960-1974), the PPN-RDA was the sole party. From 1987-1991, MNSD-Nassara was the only legal party. Both parties survive in somewhat altered forms.[citation needed]


Parties represented in parliament

Party Abbr. Est. Leader Political
Ideology Assembly
Nigerien Party for Democracy and Socialism
Parti nigérien pour la démocratie et le socialisme
PNDS–Tarayya 1990 Mahamadou Issoufou Centre-left Social democracy
Democratic socialism
79 / 171
Nigerien Democratic Movement for an African Federation
Mouvement démocratique nigérien pour une fédération africaine
MODEN/FA–Lumana 2009 Hama Amadou Centre-right Islamic democracy
19 / 171
Patriotic Movement for the Republic
Mouvement patriotique pour la république
MPR–Jamuhria 2015 Albadé Abouba Centre-right
14 / 171
National Movement for the Development of Society
Mouvement national pour la société de développement
MNSD–Nassara 1989 Seyni Oumarou Centre-right Conservatism
13 / 171
Democratic and Republican Renewal
Renouveau démocratique et républicain
RDR–Tchandji 2020 Mahamane Ousmane
7 / 171
Congress for the Republic
Congrès pour la République
CPR–Inganci 2014 Kassoum Moctar [de]
8 / 171
Nigerien Patriotic Movement
Mouvement patriotique nigérien
MPN–Kiishin Kassa 2015 Ibrahim Yacouba
6 / 171
Peace, Justice, Progress [fr; de]
Paix justice progrès–Génération Doubara
PJP–Génération Doubara 2020 Salou Djibo
2 / 171
Nigerien Alliance for Democracy and Progress
Alliance nigérienne pour la démocratie et le progrès
ANDP–Zaman Lahiya 1992 Moussa Hassane Barazé [de] Progressivism
3 / 171
Rally for Democracy and Progress
Rassemblement pour la démocratie et le progrès
RDP–Jama'a 1997 Hamid Algabid Progressive conservatism
2 / 171
Rally for Peace and Progress
Rassemblement pour la paix et le progrès
RPP–Farrilla 2020 Oumarou Malam Alma [fr]
2 / 171
Alliance for Democratic Renewal
Alliance pour le renouveau démocratique
ARD–Adaltchi Mutuntchi 2010 Laouan Magagi [de]
2 / 171
Alliance of Movements for the Emergence of Niger
Alliance des mouvements pour l’émergence du Niger
AMEN–AMIN 2015 Omar Hamidou Tchiana [de]
2 / 171
Democratic Movement for the Emergence of Niger [fr; de]
Mouvement démocratique pour l'émergence du Niger
MDEN–Falala 2020 Tidjani Abdoulkadri
2 / 171
Social Democratic Rally
Rassemblement social-démocrate
RSD–Gaskiya 2004 Amadou Cheiffou Centre-left Social democracy
1 / 171
Democratic Alternation for Equity in Niger [fr; de]
Alternance démocratique pour l'équité au Niger
ADEN–Karkaraa 2019 Ousmane Amadou [de]
1 / 171
Social Democratic Party
Parti social-démocrate
PSD–Bassira 2015 Sanoussi Mareini Centre-left Social democracy
1 / 171
Alliance for Democracy and the Republic [fr; de]
Alliance pour la démocratie et la république
ADR–Mahita 2020 Ousmane Idi Ango [fr]
1 / 171
Nigerien Rally for Democracy and Peace [fr; de]
Rassemblement nigérien pour la démocratie et la paix
RNDP–Aneima Banizoumbou 2019 Mounkaila Issa [de]
1 / 171

Smaller contemporary parties

Previously dominant parties


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