List of political parties in Rwanda

This article lists political parties in Rwanda. Rwanda is a one-party-dominant state with the Rwandan Patriotic Front in power. Opposition parties are allowed, but are widely considered to have no real chance of gaining power.

Active parties

Parties represented in the Chamber of Deputies

Party Abbr. Leader Political position Ideology Chamber seats
Rwandan Patriotic Front
Ishyaka FPR-Inkotanyi
Front patriotique rwandais
Paul Kagame Big tent Rwandan nationalism
Right-wing populism
Economic liberalism
36 / 80
Centrist Democratic Party
Ishyaka Riraranira Demokrasi Ihuza Abanyarwanda
Parti démocrate centriste
Agnes Mukabaranga Centre-right Christian democracy
1 / 80
Ideal Democratic Party
Ishyaka Ntangarugero Muri Demokrasi
Parti démocratique idéal
Islamic democracy
1 / 80
Party for Progress and Concord
Ishyaka ry’Iterambere n'Ubusabane
Parti pour le progrès et la concorde
PPC Alivera Mukabaramba
1 / 80
Democratic Union of the Rwandan People
Union démocratique du peuple rwandais
1 / 80
Social Democratic Party
Ishiyaka Riharanira Demokrasi n'Imibereho Myiza y’Abaturage
Parti social démocrate
PSD Vincent Biruta Centre-left Social democracy
5 / 80
Liberal Party
Ishyaka ry’Ukwishyira Ukizana
Parti libéral
PL Prosper Higiro Centre Liberalism
4 / 80
Social Party Imberakuri
Ishyaka ry’Imberakuri Riharanira Imibereho Myiza
Parti social imberakuri
PS–Imberakuri Bernard Ntaganda
2 / 80
Democratic Green Party of Rwanda
Ishyaka Riharanira Demokarasi no Kurengera Ibidukikije
Parti vert démocratique du Rwanda
PVDR Frank Habineza Green politics
Liberal democracy
2 / 80

Former parties

Illegal parties

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