List of political parties in Sierra Leone

This article lists political parties in Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone has a multi-party system, with two or three strong political parties and a third party that is electorally successful.


Parliamentary parties

Party Abbr. Leader Political position Ideology MPs
Sierra Leone People's Party SLPP Julius Maada Bio Centre to centre-left Social democracy
Civic nationalism
Third Way
81 / 149
All People's Congress APC Ernest Bai Koroma Centre-left African nationalism
54 / 149

Other parties

Ethnic groups and national politics

The largest contest within Sierra Leone's political culture centres upon the competition between the ethnic Temne in Sierra Leone's north-west, and the Mende in Sierra Leone's south-east.

The vast majority of the Mende support the Sierra Leone People's Party (SLPP). The majority of the Temne support the All People's Congress (APC).

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