List of presidents of the Senate of Gabon

This is a list of presidents of the Senate of Gabon, who is the presiding officer of the Senate of Gabon. The Senate of Gabon was created in 1997.

The president of the Senate is the constitutional successor of the president of Gabon in case of a vacancy.

Name Took office Left office Notes
Georges Rawiri February 1997 9 April 2006
Léonard Andjembé (Interim) 9 April 2006 2006
René Radembino Coniquet 2006 2009
Rose Francine Rogombé 17 February 2009 9 June 2009
Léonard Andjembé (Interim) 10 June 2009 20 October 2009
Rose Francine Rogombé 20 October 2009 27 February 2015
Lucie Milebou Aubusson 27 February 2015 30 August 2023
Paulette Missambo 18 September 2023 Incumbent

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