List of radio stations in Lagos

The following is a list of radio stations in Lagos, Nigeria

Radio Station Freq
U FM 88.5 (MHz)
Brila FM sport FM 88.9 (MHz)
Super FM FM 92.7 (MHz)
Eko FM FM 89.7 (MHz)

FM 90.1 Lasgidi Fm

Radio Lagos 107.5FM (MHz)

Radio Lagos107.5FM

Rock FM Nigeria


Voice of the People FM FM 90.3 (MHz)
Mainland FM FM 98.3 (MHz)
Lagos Talks FM 91.3 (MHz)
WFM 917 FM 91.7 (MHz)
Inspiration FM FM 92.3 (MHz)
SUPER FM FM 92.7 (MHz)
BondFM FM 92.9(MHz)
Hot FM Lagos 93.3 FM 93.3 (MHz)
Rhythm 93.7 FM FM 93.7(MHz)
Rainbow 94.1 FM 94.1(MHz)
VYBZ FM FM 94.5 (MHz)
DUX FM FM 94.7 (MHz)
Wazobia FM FM 95.1(MHz)
LASU Radio (Lagos State University) FM 95.7(MHz)
Urban96 Radio Network FM 96.5(MHz)
Cool FM Nigeria FM 96.9 (MHz)
Classic FM 97.3 FM 97.3(MHz)
Metro FM FM 97.7(MHz)
Smooth 98.1FM FM 98.1 (MHz)
SoundCity Radio 98.5 FM 98.5 (MHz)
Nigeria Info FM 99.3 (MHz)
Jubilee FM FM 99.7(MHz)
The BeatFM FM 99.9(MHz)
Raypower 100.5 FM FM 100.5(MHz)
StarFM FM 101.5(MHz)
Max FM Lagos (Formerly Radio Continental) FM 102.3(MHz)
NaijaFM FM 102.7(MHz)
UnilagFM[better source needed] FM 103.1(MHz)
Radio 103.5FM FM 103.5(MHz)
Law FM 103.9 FM 103.9(MHz)
Kennis 104.1 FM FM 104.1(MHz) FM 104.7(MHz)
City 105.1FM FM 105.1(MHz)
Faaji FM FM 106.5(MHz)

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