List of rulers of Gã (Nkran)

This is a list of Gã Mantse, rulers of the Gã State in southern Ghana.

Enstoolment Incumbent
1510 Foundation of Gã state
Tunnmaa dynasty (We dynasty)
1510 Ayi Kushi
1535 Ayite
1560 Koi Nalai
1585 Owura Mampong Okai
1610 Dode Akaibi
1635 Okaikoi
1660 Ashangmor
1680 Ayi
1700 Ayikuma Teiko Bah
1733 Ofori Tibi
1740 Tetteh Ahene Akwa
1782 Teiko Tsuru
1787 Sabah Osepree
1802 Amugi I
1812 Kudza Okai
1823 Adama Akuredze
1825 Tackie Kome I
1856 Ofoli Gakpo (regent)
1859 Yaotey
1862 Tackie Tawia I
1902 Interregnum
1904 Tackie Obilie I
1918 Interregnum
1919 Tackie Yarboi
1929 Interregnum
1933 Tackie Obilie II
1943 Interregnum
1944 Tackie Tawia II
1947 Interregnum
1948 Nii Tackie Kome II
1965 Nii Amugi II
2005 Interregnum
2017 Nii Tackie Teiko Tsuru II

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