List of universities and colleges in Croatia

This is a list of universities and colleges in Croatia.

Public universities

Public polytechnics

  • Polytechnic of Šibenik
  • Međimurje Polytechnic in Čakovec
  • Polytechnic in Karlovac
  • Polytechnic in Požega
  • Polytechnic in Rijeka
  • Polytechnic in Varaždin
  • "Lavoslav Ružička" Polytechnic in Vukovar
  • Polytechnic "Marko Marulić" in Knin
  • Polytechnic "Nikola Tesla" in Gospić
  • Polytechnic of Zagreb
  • Polytechnic School for Social Sciences at Zagreb
  • Professional Health School of Higher Education in Zagreb

Public colleges

  • College of Agriculture in Križevci
  • College of Computer Science Management in Virovitica
  • Police College

Private universities

Private polytechnics

  • Polytechnic "Baltazar Adam Krčelić", Zaprešić
  • Polytechnic "Hrvatsko zagorje" Krapina
  • Polytechnic Velika Gorica

Private colleges

Other institutions

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