List of universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina

This is a list of universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


List of public universities that are funded through the budgets of Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Government of Republika Srpska. Also, there is information about the number of enrolled students as of 2018–19 school year.

Name Entity Location Faculties Founded Students Web address
University of Sarajevo FBiH Sarajevo 28 1949 30,866
University of Mostar FBiH Mostar 11 1977 11,194
University of Banja Luka RS Banja Luka 18 1975 11,186
University of Tuzla FBiH Tuzla 13 1976 10,683
University of East Sarajevo RS East Sarajevo 21 1992 8,049
University of Zenica FBiH Zenica 8 2000 3,927
University Džemal Bijedić of Mostar FBiH Mostar 8 1993 3,313
University of Bihać FBiH Bihać 7 1997 2,952

Private (including standalone faculties and high colleges)

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