List of universities in Serbia

This is a list of universities in Serbia.

There are nine public universities in Serbia and ten private universities. Apart from universities and faculties, there are also public and private colleges.

As of 2022–23 school year, there are 248,508 enrolled students at universities in Serbia, of whom 177,180 (84.5%) study at public universities and 32,441 (15.5%) at private universities. Also, there are 38,887 enrolled students at independent faculties and public and private colleges in Serbia.


University of Belgrade
University of Novi Sad
University of Niš
University of Kragujevac
University of Defence

List of public universities and faculties that are funded through a budget of the Government of Serbia (excluding universities in Kosovo). Also, there is data about number of enrolled students as of 2022–23 school year.

Name Native name Location Faculties Founded Enrolled students
University of Belgrade Универзитет у Београду Belgrade 32 1808 91,869
University of Novi Sad Универзитет у Новом Саду Novi Sad 15 1960 40,867
University of Niš Универзитет у Нишу Niš 14 1965 22,325
University of Kragujevac Универзитет у Крагујевцу Kragujevac 13 1976 15,561
University of Arts Универзитет уметности у Београду Belgrade 5 1957 2,836
State University of Novi Pazar Државни универзитет у Новом Пазару Novi Pazar 1 2006 2,051
University of Defence Универзитет одбране у Београду Belgrade 1 2011 947
University of Criminal and Police Studies Криминалистичко-полицијски универзитет Belgrade 1 1993 724


Megatrend University

List of private universities in Serbia (excluding universities in Kosovo, with data about number of enrolled students as of 2022–23 school year.

Name Native name Location Faculties Founded Enrolled students
Singidunum University Универзитет Сингидунум Belgrade 3 2005 8,827
Economics Academy Универзитет Привредна Академија Novi Sad 4 2000 5,586
Union - Nikola Tesla Универзитет Унион - Никола Тесла Belgrade 10 2005 5,326
Union University Универзитет Унион Belgrade 4 2005 3,428
Educons University Универзитет Едуконс Novi Sad 11 2002 1,875
Metropolitan University Универзитет Метрополитан Belgrade 5 2010 1,838
Alfa BK University Алфа БК универзитет Belgrade 2 1993 983
University "MB" Универзитет „МБ“ Belgrade 2002 907
International University of Novi Pazar Интернационални Универзитет Novi Pazar 1 2002 706
Megatrend University Универзитет Мегатренд Belgrade 8 1989 439

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