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MDT David

MDT David
A MDT David
TypeUltra light armored personnel carrier, light Armored Vehicle
Place of originUnited Kingdom/Israel
Service history
In service2007–present
Production history
MassLand Rover Defender 110: 3,800 kg (8,378 lb),
Toyota Land Cruiser LC79: 4,700 kg (10,362 lb) (Gross weight)[1]
LengthLand Rover Defender 110: 4,470 mm (15 ft),
Toyota Land Cruiser LC79: 5,040 mm (17 ft)[1]
WidthLand Rover Defender 110: 1,790 mm (6 ft),
Toyota Land Cruiser LC79: 1,972 mm (6 ft)[1]
HeightLand Rover Defender 110: 2,035 mm (7 ft),
Toyota Land Cruiser LC79: 2,227 mm (7 ft)[1]
Crew4 – 6

EngineTurbocharged inter-cooled diesel engine
Land Rover Defender 110: 122 bhp (90kW) @ 3500 rpm,
Toyota Land Cruiser LC79: 129 bhp (96kW) @ 3,800rpm
TransmissionManual, 5/6 forward
SuspensionPermanent 4 wheel drive, Part time 4X4

The MDT David is an ultra light armored personnel carrier and light Armored Vehicle assembled by MDT Armor Corporation for the Israeli Security Forces. The vehicle is based on Land Rover Defender and Toyota Land Cruiser platforms and replaces the AIL Storm.[2]


It is designed to provide protection in low intensity conflict. It is capable of resistance from assault rifle fire, blast from floor and roof, and limited protection against Improvised Explosive Devices.[2]

The David has a 4-cylinder, turbocharged inter-cooled diesel engine. It can accommodate 4–6 fully armed people with three doors, roof hatch and 4–6 windows.[3]

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