May 1968 Dahomeyan presidential election

Presidential elections were held in Dahomey on 5 May 1968. Basile Adjou won with 84% of the vote, but the results were invalidated due to insufficient voter turnout (turnout was just 26%). A referendum on 28 July resulted in Émile Derlin Zinsou being confirmed as president.


Basile Adjou241,27383.95
Urbain Karim da Silva19,3196.72
Eustache Prudencio11,3593.95
Paul Hazoumé11,0913.86
Jean-Baptiste Vierin4,3501.51
Valid votes287,39297.20
Invalid/blank votes8,2752.80
Total votes295,667100.00
Registered voters/turnout1,138,38825.97
Source: Nohlen et al.

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