Monarchy of Antigua and Barbuda (Redirected from Monarch of Antigua and Barbuda)

King of Antigua and Barbuda
Coat of arms of Antigua and Barbuda.svg
Charles III
since 8 September 2022
Elizabeth II
1 November 1981 8 September 2022 Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Philip Mountbatten Windsor
Governors-general: Sir Wilfred Jacobs, Sir James Carlisle, Dame Louise Lake-Tack, Sir Rodney Williams
Prime ministers: Vere Bird, Lester Bird, Baldwin Spencer, Gaston Browne
Prince Charles in Aotearoa (cropped).jpg Charles III
(b. 1948)
8 September 2022 present Charles Philip Arthur George Camilla Shand Windsor
Governors-general: Sir Rodney Williams
Prime ministers: Gaston Browne

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