Scientific classification
Domain: Bacteria
Clade: Terrabacteria
Phylum: Mycoplasmatota
Murray 2021
  • "Aphragmabacteria" Margulis & Schwartz 1982
  • "Mollicutaeota" Oren et al. 2015
  • "Mollicutota" Whitman et al. 2018
  • "Tenericuteota" Panda, Islam & Sharma 2022
  • "Tenericutes" Murray 1984 ex Brown 2010

Mycoplasmatota is a phylum of bacteria that contains the class Mollicutes. The phylum was originally named "Tenericutes" (tener cutis: soft skin). Notable genera include Mycoplasma, Spiroplasma, Ureaplasma, and Candidatus Phytoplasma.

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