National Alliance for Development and Democracy

National Alliance for Development and Democracy
Founded31 May 2014
IdeologyBig tent
National Assembly of Benin
5 / 83

The National Alliance for Development and Democracy (French: Alliance nationale pour le développement et la démocratie, AND) is a political alliance in Benin. Its current president is Valentin Aditi Houde and is supportive of the Yayi Boni government.


The AND was formed on 31 May 2014, as an alliance of 17 parties. It received 7.6% of the vote in the 2015 parliamentary elections, winning five seats.

Member parties

Member parties include:

  • Citizen's Union for the Homeland
  • Democratic Rally of Benin
  • Forces of Progress
  • Mission of Young Patriots for Development
  • Mobilisation of United Forces for Development
  • Movement for the Republic and Ethics
  • Movement of Reflection and Action for Development
  • Movement for Democracy and Solidarity
  • Mouvement La Conscience Missité
  • Party of Renovation for Solidarity and Progress
  • Rally for a United Benin
  • Rally for Progress and Renewal
  • Sentinel of the Republic
  • Union for Work and Democracy
  • Union of Democratic Forces for Development
  • Union of Movements and Association of Abomey-Calavi
  • Vision and Hope for an Emergent Benin

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